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Aeginias was a tribe of the Urristuid Family that lived in the Shattered Earth. Its territory encompassed the entirety of the Aragnia Mountains and about 78% of the Iagos River. Its capital city was Nydvor, with other major cities being Nurmeli, Elludatin, and Achragad. 
Aeginias was founded in 24987 AYM, when the Urristuid Family left the Elironid. They arrived at the Iagos River in Suta-Eimarae of that same year, at the mouth of the river they founded their first city, Achragad. From 24987 to 24934 AYM they founded more and more towns, including Drasulett in 9 Heta-Eimarae, 24975 AYM, Olenyl in 15 Nota-Eimarae, 24961 AYM, and Elludatin in 30 Anta-Eimarae, 24942 AYM. Nurmeli was founded in 24932 AYM.

24987 - 22679 AYM

Geopolitical, Tribe
Parent Organization
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