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Humans have vast numbers across the entirety of Aerofell, being one of the most numerous and dominant of the civilized humanoid races. Humans have a variety of ethnicities, each of which has some claim to almost every part of the world. They are well known for the adaptability as a race as well as being very versatile, from which they have become possibly the most dominant race in the world.  


Humans are a mysterious race as their origins aren’t known, there are many arguments over whether they were created by a deity or if they came from another planet. Scientists hypothesise that they evolved from the early apes of the world. After many expeditions to find out more about the human’s origins a discovery was made, some ancient markings on a cave wall explaining that the aboleths created the humans. These markings aren’t fact but cannot be proven as fiction and therefore are just one of the multiple possibilities of human origin.  

Humans on Aerofell

Different groups of humans exist throughout the world, each with their own unique defining traits from culture to appearance. These groups are commonly referred to as subraces, or ethnic groups. The subraces do interact with one another on a frequent basis and it is common to see two or more subraces living together. Although a single human can have several subrace origins, often they have traits which depict the strongest genes they hold.   The following groups of subraces are the only known ones to exist on Aerofell, they are grouped by regional origins:   Brasswrath
  • Drickon
  • Maedi
  • Reteran
  • Sohoi
  • Tyri
  • Ul’Kahn
  • Vaxahog
  Dawnstead   Heplia   Minhaven   Rigrath   Volistein  

Term: Humanity

Humanity: human beings collectively.   Humanity on Aerofell: Human and civilised near-human races such as dwarves and elves.  

In the Curbian Solar System

Humans are wide spread in the solar system known as Curbian. They inhabit multiple planets believed to have been achieved through powerful conjuration magic.  

Distant Worlds

Earth Humans make up almost all the population of a far distant planet known as Earth where they have forgotten the teachings of magic and instead rely on science and technology.

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