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Of wizards and cretins


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Welcome to Malkuth, a continent locked in a constant war and stagnation. Of Wizards And Cretins is a dark fantasy world filled with eldritch horrors, political rivalries and what at best could be described as a cold war between a faction of spellcasters called the united wizard, and the slowly crumbling and corrupt empire of Gwind.    At present, the world just went through a huge war and a devastating cataclysm that sundered both factions forcing them to avoid direct conflict. At such times with wonder, political unrest, wars, and horrors everything can happen, from rebellions to a second cataclysm. Come in and read at your own discretion, learn the history, wars, and mysteries that blister throughout the continent. And of course most of all, please do enjoy

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of cretins and wizards

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