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Sanda Sunhawk

One of the most feared highwayman in recent history is Sanda Sunhawk. With his band of thieves, he raided the major highways between 2593 and 2598 SD. For normal goods they cared little. What they were really after were sun crystals.

Early Life

Sanda was born in Kinigam City, the city most famous for mining sun crystals. He was born to parents unknown, and left on the doorstep of an orphanage. Life at the orphanage didn't suit Sanda. He cared little for his lessons taught by the Brothers and Sisters of the holy Mother and Father, and often ran away to the city.
As a young boy, Sanda enjoyed petty theft. An apple from a market, a coin from a pocket. One day, he picked the wrong person's pocket and so met some people on the wrong side of the law. However, these people found a liking to him, a small skilful boy they saw, and took him in. He never returned to the orphanage. 

Sun Crystal Theft

Petty theft turned into more serious crime, and soon Sanda Sunhawk had made a name for himself as a man to be feared. But it was still not enough for him. He wanted more. More money and more fame. He then decided to go after the wagons transporting sun crystals from the Kinigam Mine to other place in Garyiala. Never before and never again was a band of thieves so successful at intercepting and overtaking sun crystal transport.
Sun crystal theft has been a problem since its discovery. In Garyiala, all sun crystal deposits are property of the crown, but for centuries people have tried to mine, steal and sell it illegally. Guarding the sun crystal convoy in Kinigam used to be an esteemed job, but turned into one nobody wanted any longer. Royal guards feared to be selected to protect the convoy, as it likely mend meeting death at the end of the barrel of Sunhawk's gun. Sunhawk and his band of thieves were even so bold to fly their own flag: a screeching hawk in front of a setting sun.
Sunhawk eventually met his end after five years of being the most feared highwayman at the hands of a young guard. Thomnen Waran, as the young man was called, was on the first day of his job, and took out three of the thieves, including Sunhawk himself.


Sunhawk's thieving life resulted in many changes to the guarding of sun crystal transport. First of all, Thomnen Waran became a skilled fighter and established an elite team of guards to protect the convoy of sun crystals. They adopted the flag Sunhawk and his thieves wore, edited with a blade through the chest of the hawk. Today, the job has once more become esteemed, and feared by many, as the guards were made ruthless like their attackers used to be.
Secondly, it is one of the major reasons the crown invested in the Central Garyiala Railroad Company (CGRC) and the development of the Kinigam-Asrila Railroad. Since 2619 SD, most sun crystal transport goes by train.
Date of Birth
2564 SD
Date of Death
2598 SD


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