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Golden Eye

A very small portion of people is born with golden eyes. This condition, while not regarded the same everywhere around the world, is almost always linked to malevolent creatures. Malevolent creatures are nightmarish creatures, their body dark as the night, their eyes bright golden.

Varying Bad Luck

The suspected cause of being born with golden eyes and the resulting bad luck varies greatly around the world.
In Taklasil, some cultures believe it is caused by being born when both moons are exactly in their new phase, the darkest of nights possible. This is an unfortunate casualty, something out of your hands and left to the will of the gods, but it does bestow bad luck upon the golden-eyed person. Some cultures do believe that looking a golden-eyed in the eye causes a month of bad luck, and here golden-eyed are often shunned from society.
In Kritmorc, being born with golden eyes is believed to be the result of the sins of one of the parents. The Kritmorn do not only treat the person with golden eyes as a bad omen, but the parents of this person as well. Oftentimes, golden-eyed are abandoned or drowned.
In southern regions of Namda, such as Garyiala and Utreas, it is believed that on the night of or the night before the birth of the child with golden eyes, malevolent creatures have visited the village or neighbourhood. While they believe a golden-eyed person does not affect the luck of a community, they do believe that the golden-eyed is doomed with bad luck themselves.
A unique perspective on golden eyes comes from the people of Alreia. Alreians have a golden complexion and eyes the colour of fiery orange, rusty brown and honey yellow. Golden eyes are not uncommon and honestly not even the most pretty.

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