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Elden tree

In Kysan, the Elden tree is an ancient tree believed to have brought peace and balance to the young world Odezia. The tree was much taller than any other tree, reaching up to heaven, and its leaves were a permanent green and never withered.

Planting of the tree, and the Elden tree nelin

After the burnt falcon and the crystal heron subdued chaos on Odezia, Ynlaran, Nylena and Qhenenar maintained balance justly by all governing their own earthly realm; sky, land, and waters. However, doing so alone was near impossible, and all created many more nelin to aid them in their tasks. Yet it was still hard, for chaos occasionally flared up, and the cosmic realms (heaven, mortal and void) would become temporarily unbalanced. So, Nylena pulled a rock from Ring Mountain, and Ynlaran breathed the Other Wind, and thus life, into it, and Qhenenar put it back in the earth and watered it with water from the Wild River. And so the Elden tree was born. It’s branches pushed away the heavenly skies, its leaves protected the world from the void, and its roots anchored Odezia in the mortal realm.
On the day that the sun and the two moons aligned in the morning sky, the Elden tree bore a single flower, which turned into a single fruit. It was the first fruit the Elden tree had ever produced, and would be the only fruit it would ever bear. When the fruit fell to the earth, it split open and from it Sulku, nelin of the Elden tree, emerged. Sulku would tend to the Elden tree, giving it water and love, and pruning its branches, until the final day it stood upright and people came to cut it down.

Balancing of Goodwill

A few festivals exist in which the Elden tree has an important role. The most well-known and celebrated by all adherents is the Balancing of Goodwill, celebrated on the second day of the new year. A tree seed is planted and people pray for a year in which only good will come to them.

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