Blood Pearl

And on our next stop around Seriban National Museum are the blood pearls! These tiny things were created over a thousand years ago, worldwide, to increase blood magic abilities. Now unfortunately, the production of these were stopped due to the change in opinions on the sacrifices necessary.
Now, the only blood pearls on the planet are found in museums, and we happen to have the largest collection.
— Guided tour round Seriban National Museum
Blood pearls are small items created by blood mages, a common mage type on Ocearia. Blood pearls require pure blood as an element, but also a small soul sacrifice, making this one of the most monstrous and cruel items to obtain.

Cruel Artifacts

Blood pearls are only found within museums across the seven kingdoms. Thousands of years ago, within several kingdoms, blood pearls were often harvested by the wealthy, using hundreds of poorer citizens as sacrifices. These blood pearls were used to strengthen their blood magic abilities, but were eventually made illegal to craft and now the only pearls left are kept on display.
Blood Pearl by Wombo Art
Blood pearls are one of the rarest items found on the planet, and considered an artifact as none have been made for thousands of years.
Raw materials & Components
Only two items are required to craft a blood pearl: blood, and a soul.
Blood as an element is common on Ocearia, while souls require the death of someone and is extremely frowned upon.


Blood pearls are in fact the most commonly stolen artifact from museums. Due to blood mages being generally weak on Ocearia, with no access to souls, blood pearls are frequently targeted and obtained. Thanks to the continuous robberies of these blood pearls, the artifacts are locked up in much more secure areas, where it is practically impossible to steal them.


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