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Air-pressure Prosthetics
Air-pressure Prosthetics
Technology / Science | Dec 21, 2020

Recent invention that the Industrialists use as recruitment tool

Advanced Steampunk prosthetics, primarily for recruiting craftsfolk, secondary for helping those in need.
Tradition / Ritual | Dec 29, 2020

A sport where players use a buckler to bash the ball across a barrier

What do soldiers do when they have to block projectiles with shields? They turn it into a sport!
Dystopian Scouts
Profession | Dec 28, 2020

Tasked with surveilling the areas near their home settlements

In a 2100 destroyed by Climate Change, Scouts are one of the most important professions for settlements their survival odds.

Academy Battle Arena
Battle Arena
Building / Landmark | Dec 27, 2020

A massive arena used for combat classes, training, and friendly competition

At the most prestigious Tarot Academy, students formally train at the Battle Arena. In truth they most play around.
Material | Dec 30, 2020

A floating mineral that keeps Sky Islands and Sky Ships up in the air

In a Skyfarer setting, all islands and ships are held afloat by a single mineral: Cloudstone.
Common Idioms
Common Phrases
Language | Dec 17, 2020

Common phrases used at the Academy and nearby countries

Idioms aren't the same when your world has Tarot magic and monsters crawling in the night.

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  • The Wild Cards is a Tarot-based medieval fantasy setting, located at and around a Tarot Academy.
  • The Tempest Wilds is a dystopian setting in 2100 CE, where the world has been destroyed by climate change.
  • Master of the Wind is a skyfarer setting with floating islands and sailships, located above a sea of clouds.
  • Grayburn is a peaceful Steampunk setting that is part of collaboration world Synergasia.

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