Chronicle Style Sheet

Matthew Lynn, Charles Curry IV
“In 734, the Vikings landed, and everything changed.” --Matthew Lynn
Theme: Chaos, Colonial Strife, Religious Strife   Mood: Dark, Mystery   Scope: Chronicle Historical Games   Setting: Dark Ages in America   Graduated XP Cap: Yes  

Chronicle Teaser:

300 years ago, the Vikings landed, and the Viking Age came to a new land. The native Vinlanders fought well against the pillaging Vikings, but, for a time, the iron and steel the Vikings wielded made up for fewer numbers. That time, called the Time of Terror by the native Vinlanders, ended roughly 50 years ago, as the Vinlanders were finally able to turn the tide on the Vikings, having been dragged forcibly into the Iron Age themselves. Towns are growing, and real cities forming as native Vinlanders, Vikings, and more, begin to enter a new Age in a New Found Land.
The religions of the invaders have spread, in some places supplanting the native shamanistic ways, in others not. To the south, in the Caribbean, the Portuguese have landed, and Christendom has begun to spread.
With all of the invaders have come an influx of new supernaturals. Tribes, clans, and kith all strive to win new opportunities in a world unknown to them, finding distant cousins already present, and new terrors that walk the day and night.
But all is not well among the kine. Something is killing them, with mortals literally falling dead in the streets. As the mortal populations are struck by this silent killer, it becomes harder for the supernatural societies to coexist as they compete for ever more limited space and resources. Dreamers are scarcer, Herds are dwindling, and precious Kinfolk are dying. Mortals have been heard claiming that the Choosers of the Slain have gone mad in the streets, and Spirits have gone silent in the Umbra. Can this killer be found, and stopped?

Clan Rarity Adjustments

  • Common: (0 point) Brujah (Core), Caitiff, Gangrel (Core, Noiad), Malkavian (Ananke), Nosferatu, Ravnos (Core), Toreador (Ishtarri), Tzimisce (Carpathian), Revenant (Grimaldi)
  • Uncommon: (2 point) Children of Tenochtitlan (Core)*, Follower of Set (Tlacique), Lasombra (Core), Lhiannan (Core)*, Malkavian (Core), Ravnos (Brahman), Salubri (Healer), Toreador (Core), Tzimisce (Koldun), Ventrue (Core)
  • Rare: (4 point) Assamite (Warrior), Baali (Core, Angellis Ater), Brujah (True Brujah), Cappadocian (Core, Lamia), Follower of Set (Core, Viper), Lasombra (Kiasyd)
  • Restricted: (6 point) Assamite (Vizier, Sorcerer), Dhamphir
  • Inappropriate to the Setting Blood Brother, Cappadocian (Samedi), Daughter of Cacophony/Sons of Discord, Gangrel (Ahrimanes, Coyote), Gargoyle, Giovanni (Core, Premascine), Malkavian (Knight of the Moon), Revenant (Obertus, Bratovich, Zantosa), Salubri (Warrior), Toreador (Volgirre), Tremere (Core, Telyav), Tzimisce (Core), Ventrue (Crusaders)
*for details on these clans, see the relevant articles.  

Tribal & Fera Rarity Adjustments

  • Common: (0 point) Uktena (Homid, Lupus), Wendigo (Homid, Lupus), Fenrir (Homid, Lupus), Wardens of Men (Homid, Lupus), Bastet (Pumonca (Homid, Lupus), Qualmi (Homid, Lupus)), Corax (Homid, Lupus), Nuwisha (Homid, Lupus), Rat-kin (Homid, Lupus)
  • Uncommon: (2 point) Black Furies (Homid, Lupus), Children of Gaia (Homid, Lupus), Fenrir (Mule), Fianna (Homid, Lupus), Silver Fangs (Homid, Lupus), Shadow Lords (Homid, Lupus), Uktena (Mule), Wardens of Men (Mule), Wendigo (Mule), Bastet (Balam (Homid, Lupus), Pumonca (Mule), Qualmi (Mule)), Corax (Mule), Gurahl (Homid, Lupus), Nuwisha (Mule), Rat-kin (Mule)
  • Rare: (4 point) Black Furies (Mule), Bone Gnawers (Homid, Lupus), Children of Gaia (Mule), Fianna (Mule), Silver Fangs (Mule), Shadow Lords (Mule), Red Talons (Lupus), Silent Striders (Homid, Lupus), Stargazers (Homid, Lupus), Bastet (Balam (Mule), Ceilican (Homid, Lupus)), Gurahl (Mule)
  • Restricted: (6 point) Bone Gnawers (Mule), Red Talons (Mule), Ananasi (Homid, Lupus), Bastet (Bubasti (Homid, Lupus), Ceilican (Mule), Khan (Homid, Lupus), Simba (Homid, Lupus), Swara (Homid, Lupus)) , Rokea (Homid, Mule)
  • Inappropriate to the Setting: Any Tribe or Breed not listed above, Silent Striders (Mule), Stargazers (Mule), Ajaba, Bastet (Bagheera), Kitsune, Rokea (Squamus)
  • Kinfolk have the same rarity as the tribe or fera they are associated with.

Kith Rarity Adjustments

  • Common: (0 point) Boggan, Piskies, Pooka, Redcap, Satyr, Selkies, Sluagh, Troll
  • Uncommon: (2 point) Clurican, Eshu, Nocker, Sidhe, Kinain
  • Rare: (4 point) Ghilli Dhu
  • Restricted: (6 point)
  • Inappropriate to the Setting Inanimae (Gladeling, Krofted), Lorelei

Mortal Rarity Adjustments

  • Common: (0 point) Viking, Vinlander
  • Uncommon: (2 point)
  • Rare: (4 point) Sorcerers
  • Restricted: (6 point)
  • Inappropriate to the Setting
[B]Mortal rules are still in progress.

Setting-Specific Mechanics

All Venues:

Character Creation

Players may have a max of four (4) characters. All PCs may be rewritten ONCE within the first 3 months of play, at the players discretion. Rewrites after will require the approval of the local ST.
Initial XP is set to 50XP (replaces the 30XP assigned in the rulebooks). Any XP kept after Creation is immediately converted to Earned XP. Any Initial XP kept over 5 XP is immediately lost.
  Backgrounds   At Character Creation:
  1. Resources are limited to the PCs dots in Generation.
  2. Fame 3 and above is limited to the Toreador clan, Eshu of Seeming 3 or higher, Fianna, Silent Strider tribes, and Galliard Auspice PCs.
  3. Allies, Contacts, Influences, and Retainers with a focus on any of the named NPC nobility are not permitted to PCs. Access to these may be gained in play, only, via a plot kit.
Shared Backgrounds exist, as described in Changeling Beta Slice on p146 and Werewolf the Apocalypse on p192. Shared Backgrounds are available to all supernaturals. Shareable backgrounds are;
  • Allies
  • Contacts
  • Dreamers (Changeling)
  • Herd (Vampire)
  • Holdings (Changeling, Kinain)
  • Haven (Vampire, Ghoul, Dhamphir, Revenant)
  • Kinfolk (Werewolf or Fera)
  • Territory (Werewolf or Fera)
  • Totem (Werewolf or Fera)
Changelings share Backgrounds within a motley, Vampires in a coterie, and Werewolves or Fera within a pack (bound by a Totem). Membership in such a group needs to be recorded with the Storyteller.
Haven Background for Vampires also includes the Inaccessible advantage. A vampire who has this Haven advantage typically uses some supernatural means to access their haven. If a Haven is shared within a coterie, all participants must have the needed powers to access the Haven for this advantage to apply.
The Territory and Holdings Backgrounds include the Library Advantage. Vampires aren’t the only avid bookworms out there in the dark, cold, night.
Alternate Identiy requires the use of some means of changing the characters appearance.
  Skills   The following changes affect Skills:
  • Academics may only include subjects related to the Dark Ages
  • Computer skill is NOT applicable to this setting.
  • Craft skill specialties should be appropriate to the Dark Ages. If it’s a skill you might see at a Renaissance Faire, it’s probably applicable.
  • Drive skill does not include mechanized vehicles, though it may include specialties for Horse (Normal) and Horse (Warhorse) that may be used as applicable.
  • Firearms do not exist in this setting. See Athletics if you are going to be using a bow.
  • Lore specializations may not include any modern sect, they do not exist yet

  • The Lore Specializations for Wraith or Shadowlands are not available to PCs, except through plot.
  • Science is still applicable, but limited to a Science appropriate to the time period.
Flaws   The Archaic flaw is not sanctioned for play. The Hunted flaw uses the Werewolf the Apocalypse variant for all Supernatural types.  
Supernatural Powers
Out of Clan or Affinity powers above a rating of 3 may not be purchased at Character Creation, unless a Character Tie with a teacher is made.   Downtimes To Drop or Purchase Merits, the Werewolf the Apocalypse downtimes actions are used. The Lending Aid to an Ally Downtime action from WtA is available to all supernatural types. Changelings, Fera, Vampires, and Werewolves may all use the WtA Grant Patronage action.   Changeling:
Rewrites of Changeling PCs may not change Kith or Seeming.
The Shadow Court is not active in this Chronicle.
Vampire 2 issue 1-3 is expected to be released in late 2020. Until that time, issue 1 is approved for play.
Rewrites of a vampire PC may not change the Clan, Bloodline, or Generation, of the PC.   Changes to a ghouls Domitor always trigger a rewrite for purposes of changing Disciplines ONLY, if desired, once.
All Ghouls are treated as being the same Rarity as their domitors clan.
Generation 1 requires a Rarity Merit (High Generation (2)). This merit is in addition to any Flaws needed to have the desired Generation, but needs to be purchased once, and once only. If Diablerie raises the Generation of the PC to Generation 2 or above, this rarity is refunded in full.
  The Rituals Background describes on BNS VtM p452 is available for all Vampires. Purchases of dots in this Background must currently have the Devoted lesser moniker at the time of purchase. The initial 4 Ritae gained are:
  • The Binding
  • High Holiday
  • Games of Instinct
  • One ritual of the purchasers choice.
Purchasing Rituals 2-5 gains the character a single ritual per dot.  
Diablerie uses the rules described under the Sabbat sect in BNS VtM. PCs may not go into XP Debt when diablerizing.
Merits and flaws from modern sects are not present in this setting, unless otherwise presented in this document.
General Merits
Thaumaturgical Training is not in play.
Clan Merits   The following changes to Clan Merits are in play:   Gangrel:
  • Rending is not in play.
  • Szlachta is not in play.
  • Vzohd is not in play.
  • Auspicious may not be used to purchase a Merit that grants access to Disciplines.
  Morality Merits   The following Morality Merits are available at no cost for associated clans and bloodlines.
  • Path of Blood - Assamite (all)
  • Path of Cathari - Lhiannan
  • Path of Chivalry - Ventrue (All), Tzimisce (Carpathian)
  • Path of Death & the Soul - Cappadocian (All)
  • Path of Evil Revelations - Baali (All), those with the Infernal Power Merit or Daimonion 5
  • Path of Ecstacy - Followers of Set (All)
  • Path of Feral Heart - Gangrel (All), Lhiannann
  • Path of Heaven - Lasombra, Salubri (Healer)
  • Path of Harmony - Brujah (Core), Tzimisce (Carpathian)
  • Path of Honorable Accord - Brujah (Core), Toreador (All), Ventrue (All)
  • Path of Lillith - Cappadocians (Lamia)
  • Path of Metamorphosis - Not applicable to this setting.
  • Path of Night - Lasombra (All)
  • Path of Orion - Gangrel (All)
  • Path of Paradox - Ravnos (All)
  • Path of Power & the Inner Voice - Brujah (Core), Lasombra (Core), Toreador (All), Tzimisce (All), Ventrue (Core)
  • Path of Scorched Heart - Brujah (True)
  • Path of Typhon-Set - Followers of Set (Core, Viper)
  Discipline Rarity   This chart supersedes all other designations of Common, Uncommon, or Rare Disciplines. Uncommon and Rare Out of Clan Disciplines May not be purchased during Character Création, except through a Character Tie or VIP Purchase.   Common Animalism, Auspex, Celerity, Fortitude, Obfuscate, Potence, Presence, Protean   Uncommon Deimos, Dementation, Dominate, Obeah   Rare Chimerstry, Daimoinon, Mytherceria, Obtenebration, Quietus, Serpentis, Temporis   Disciplines Not Present in Chronicle Melpominee, Necromancy: Ash Path, Necromancy: Bone Path, Necromancy: Sepulchre Path, Thanatosis, Thaumaturgy: Path of Technomancy, Valeran, Vicissitude, Visceratika*
Blood Magic
In Play:
Mortis Path
Path of Cadaverous Animation
Path of the Corpse in the Monster
Path of Graves Decay
Heart of Mictlantecuhtli
Path of Haunting
Persephones Travels
The Path of the Ferryman
Osseous Path
Rituals Not Present in Chronicle: Banish Big Brother, Call the Hungry Dead, Dark Assistant, Illusion of Peaceful Death, Machine Blitz, Mirror of Second Sight, Mirror Walk   *see the Lhiannan   Techniques In order to learn a Technique with out a teacher (or to teach a Technique), you must have one (or more) of the required Disciplines as an in-clan Discipline. Teaching a Technique is treated in all ways as if teaching or learning a Discipline power.   Werewolf or Fera:   Werewolf 2 is expected to be released after April 2020, so changes may be very soon.   Rewrites of a Werewolf, Fera, or KInfolk PC may not change Rank, Tribe and Auspice of the PC, as applicable.   Kinfolk PCs have the same rarity as the tribe (or fera) they are kinfolk for.   The Litany is still in effect for Garou.
  The Beast Courts are present in Vinland.
  Discussion in progress.   Due to the existance of a Native American tribe named "Metis", the use of this term in Werewolf is not sanctioned in Nights of Destiny. This term is replaced by "Mule" in the Nights of Destiny setting. In all cases, a Garou to Garou mating that results in offspring, the offspring is a Mule.   Merits   Heroic Lineage or Legendary Lineage Merits require coordination with the Storyteller. See your Local ST for details.   Storyteller Notes:   Setting is subject to periodic adjustment as we work the kinks out of it.   If any items XP costs change, and a PC had them on their sheet prior to the change, they are grandfathered in at the original cost, OR the new cost, whichever is more advantageous to the PC.   If, for some reason, a character type is not mentioned in the rarity charts, please let the ST know so rarity may be determined.   Unlike in most other Organized Play clubs, ours will permit PCs to be moved from Chronicle to Chronicle, so PCs built for the playtest may be playable in future Chronicles as well.   Currently, the requirements to carry a PC forward are:
  • PC must be of a type that could have reasonably survived the intervening time span. If survival required a merit, losing that merit immediately kills the PC from old age, unless the PC is still within their natural lifespan.
  • A percentage reduction in Earned XP will be applied.
  • VIP XP purchases will be carried over without adjustment.
  • Ditto other VIP purchases, if applicable to the upcoming Chronicle.
  • Generation and Rank can be increased, up to the 4th dot of the relevant Background, by 1 step during a Chronicle shift. Only one dot of increase per shift may be so purchased, and changes do affect the cost of all Traits currently on the sheet, exactly as if the PC was newly created.
  • A normal rewrite to incorporate these changes, in accordance with a possible revised Chronicle Style Sheet, will be permitted.

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