Mages Sanctum

Purpose / Function

The Sanctum was constructed long before the times of the Arcane Purge, back when casters and divine worshippers lived in peace and harmony throughout the kingdom. Its purpose was to provide a sanctuary to like-minded mages who would focus their studies on magic that could prove beneficial to the future of the land.


Founded by the great wizard Elandor Thrane, who once served as a court wizard to King Aldurin Thamar of the Human Kingdom of Sordun. The Sanctum became a ruin during the year 30 AD, due to a siege during the Arcane Purge. It was inhabited by a dragon cult during the year 141 AR who were then 'evicted' by Jantle Beaugarde during the Shift. A short time after, mages that returned to the Human Kingdom of Sordun began to rebuild the Sanctum, and it became a safe space for practitioners to educate themselves in the way of the arcane arts...and to try out any of the more 'experimental' magics.
Founding Date
  • AD
  • Type
    College / Academy
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