Human Kingdom of Sordun

Home of the tyrannical king

Demography and Population

Founded some time ago before the beginning of the Arcane Deprivation, the Kingdom of Sordun is believed to have been one of the first civilizations established on the Isle of Corin. Due to the lack of historic records kept, no one can say for certain exactly when Humans first found themselves on the island. At the beginning, it was a prosperous Kingdom, powerful and just.   Due to the results of The Arcane Rebellion  the capital city of Thraldur and its surrounding villages have had many other races begin to flood toward them. The capital city itself has many Halfling refugees amass at the city gates, seeking refuge and compensation for damages caused to the halfling province of Tolfen.   In the past, the inner city of Thraldur was restricted to a purely human population, however, the slum settlement just outside the main gate into the city is largely populated by humans, but races such as half-elves could also be found there.


The Kingdom of Sordun occupies the North-Eastern section of the Isle of Corin consisting of seven settlements, including the capital city of Thraldur.


In the past, the worship of any divine being, and use of any type of magic is prohibited. Those caught breaking these laws may be found guilty of treason and consequently, put to death. But due to the recent occupation by the wood elves, divine worship and arcane practice has now been made legal once more.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Platinum, Gold, Silver, Electrum, Copper
Legislative Body
The current ruling king, under advisory by his royal council, decides which laws are put into effect, and may even write laws himself.
Judicial Body
The noble families are responsible for ensuring these laws are carried out, along with the aid of guards, and the army.
Subsidiary Organizations
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories
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