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New Hellena and the Sacred Beyond

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Some say that when you die, your existence dies with you. In truth, this is the only belief about Death which is not correct. Within each human is a soul, which is a ticket, a Passport if you will, into a place beyond death, where they shall be ruled over what ruled them in life; this time, forever.   Every being ever worshiped, every deity, god and ancesector spirit, is housed and 'lives' within this plane, as dependant upon human worship for existence as the humans are on them for their divine mercy, gifts and guidance. Each of these beings boast numerous Permissions, allowing them to bend and break the laws of the Universe, though this makes them no less more vulnerable. He who wields the most followers reigns supreme at Godhead. He who wields none is Erased. It is a vastly complex set of scales, always tilting, always changing, always balancing, with even the most prominent of Alliances and deities constantly standing inches away from plunging into nescience.   New Hellena (previously known as Hellena and Rome's Cradle) is merely one island in a sea of decaying pantheons, half-forgotten and weak-willed. Barely contained within the crumbled collumned walls of the province, are perhaps one of the most revered and powerful selections of deities in human history, the giants of the Mediterranean: the Olympian Pantheon, roughly six hundred years since they clawed themselves from the oblivion of Erasure. What is more, they plan to stay.