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How to Get Involved

So you are interested in joining the game? Here's what you need to know.  

First Things First

  Important Information for all Players:   1. We will be using Discord for Voice Chat. (free) You will be required to participate in voice chat. Video is not required.   2. We will be using Tabletop Simulator for our VTT ($20 on Steam) You will be required to participate online with TTS (using the free Hero Mod for TTS by Brennall)  
  • Watch David's YouTube Tutorials on how to use the Mod! This game (unless we are playing a playtest session) we don't want to be stopping the game to help someone with any of the basics covered in these videos.
  • Tutorial 1
  • Tutorial 2
  3. We will be using World Anvil (free). This is the campaign website where we will build the world and chronicle the adventures of the New Champions. You will be asked to write "Journals" for your character, and you may volunteer to help world-build if you like.   THIS GAME WILL BE STREAMED TO TWITCH.TV (and then exported to YouTube).   If you are not able to participate with all of these 3 major technologies, or have an issue with being streamed live to Twitch, this may not be the Champions game for you. I am sorry. Please DM me on Discord if you have any concerns or questions.    

Second Things Second

  Before you should expect to be able to play I want to see the following completed for your character:
WHO DOES WHAT (and in what order?)
Player Joins the Discord server. You will have limited access to channels until approved.
Player Read the Campaign Ground Rules, etc.
Player Review the Campaign Ground Rules , Mission Rules , and Flashbacks , and of course, the rest of this article.
If you are still interested, continue to the next step.   In Discord via Direct Message:
WHO DOES WHAT (and in what order?)
Player Give the GM your First Name, Discord Name, Steam Name
Player Give the GM your Hero Name, Secret ID Name
Player Create your 6e Hero in Hero Designer (See Ground Rules)
Player Give GM your HDC, PDF, and Background
GM Review Submission, discuss with player, revise if needed, and hopefully approve.
Player When PC Approved, give the GM your JSON export (v2.3) file.
In World Anvil:
Player Setup World Anvil Hero and Join Campaign on WA - Ask GM for Link
GM Gives World Anvil Join URL
Player Load TTS Hero Mod and Test JSON
Player Prep Mini for game
Player Test-Connect with other players to see how game runs with Hero Mod
Player Send GK a friend request in Steam (As me for my Steam friend code)
In Discord DMs:
GM Discuss with Player how PC will be introduced into the campaign
GM Promote Player to Role: Approved
GM Set the player loose
Many community members can help with any of these steps. Like you all, I am a busy person in "real life" and will get to everything as soon as I can, so anything that can be delegated to the community here will just make things go faster for everyone.   To that effect, I have created a new channel #need-some-help for you to reach out to each other for assistance with any of the following:
  • making a character in 6e,
  • getting HDC files created,
  • getting JSON files exported,
  • learning to use TTS,
  • learning how to use the mod, and
  • how to import JSON files, etc.
  Thanks in advance for helping each other out!   I know there have been some offers already to help make a mini from a character pic you might have, others have helped with converting 5e characters to 6e, others have helped get a PC made in HD altogether :)   I am sure there will be ready help for those who can help export JSON files, etc.   Also you can all choose to fire up TTS and play around on the hero mod to get used to how it works, and learn the ins and outs. There are YouTube videos and tutorials as well.   The TTS Hero Mod is in the workshop and can (and should, not just because it's required to play, but because you can then play round with it all by yourself) be download it and load it up. You can host for each other if you want, or just use it alone.   Players will be given the opportunity before any given session and streaming starts to load into the table their own saved mini's (I will then also save them so you don't need to do it again unless you change the mini).   Rampage has volunteered to make you a 2D mini if you have a jpg or png of your character and don't know how yourself.    

Session Zero

  Our Session 0: If you missed it, here is the stream. I will eventually move it to YouTube as well.   The New Champions Protocol: Session 0   During session 0, attendees said they preferred to begin the game with PCs meeting “organically” as I brought them into the game. I warned that this would mean it would take a period of time (longer and slower process) for everyone to become involved. I know that most of you are chomping at the bit to get playing—after all that is why you are all here. So let’s make sure that the “housekeeping” is done before I connect you all together.       Other NOTES:   Campaign Timeline   Updates to the site will be posted by World Anvil Webhook in the #world-building channel.

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