Campaign Ground Rules

New Champions Protocol Campaign Ground Rules


General Description

Well. He did it.   Dr. Destroyer figured out how to win. I don't know how just yet, but I'm working on it. What I do know is that he just "vanished" the opposition...they are gone. Just gone.   So as of that moment, terrifyingly referred to as "The Vanishing" there were no super heroes anymore. And then he took over. The whole world.   Initially there was quite a bit of resistance. But a terrible and violent response from Dr. Destroyer and his surrogates reminded everyone how he was prepared to destroy a full 9/10 of the world population only 30 years ago. Soon rebellions were quelled and humans do what they do best: adapt and survive.   He put certain villains in leadership roles over countries, regions and cities, and they all run things now. Aside from having mini-dictators in charge, life is not too terribly different under this new government.   However, new heroes are rising and being brought together under the New Champions Protocol, and they work together now, in secret, to take back the planet...starting with this city.
  This world is a modern superhero alternate-earth where very few good guys are willing to step up and fight back. Those that do must be very careful. It's a "heist", "war", and "spy" genre.   While the world feels like it's in dire straits, there is a great hope among the protagonists that things can truly be changed. There will be a series of many small battles, some setbacks, but many small victories that will eventually make very big changes.  


The PCs are very important as they are the only real superheroes in the world at this point. More may come along, some may be inspired to join you, some might actually switch sides...who knows.  


  • Morality: Good vs bad is mostly clear-cut.
  • Realism: Sliding scale varying from romantic to realistic.
  • Outlook: Seriousness balanced by light-hearted.
  • Continuity: Mostly serial, some enforcement of continuity.

PHYSICAL WORLD (Description):

  1. Advanced (comic book) technology exists (AI, advanced weapons and defenses, advanced vehicles), various origin sources exist like radiation, magic, super-science, aliens, etc. There is a new possibility for a source of powers, and that is the Vanishing event itself.
  2. The Vanishing was an event that wiped out all superheroes and even some villains, but occasionally, individuals still just suddenly Vanish in the same way.


  • Hero System 6th Edition
  • Starting Points for PCs: 400
  • Matching Complication Points: 75 total; No more than 35-40 from any single type.
  • Characters can carry ordinary tech without paying points.
  • Active Cost Cap: 70
  • CV Limits: 10
  • Skill Roll Limits: 14-
  • Attack Powers:
  • ... Low-end DCs: 9
  • ... High-end (Max) DCs: 14
  • Defense Powers:
  • ... Low End pts: 15
  • ... High-end pts: 30



Other Optional Rules Used:

  • Knockback
  • Knockdown
  • Critical Hits


  This will be run as a Western Marches play style campaign. Join the discord at the link below to get involved. For more info about WM play style check out Matt Colville’s video below.   This is, of course, presented as a D&D play style, but I feel this is a good match for what I want to do with this campaign as well.   Also, please read the Mission Rules and Flashbacks articles as those rules are being tested as well.    


Here's a question to consider and be prepared to answer as you create your character:  
If the Champions were alive today (meaning, not vanished), and they were forming a list of candidates to join their team, WHY WOULD YOUR HERO BE ON THAT LIST?
  If you can't answer that question, that will be a huge stumbling block for your character. Not a deal breaker, mind you, but it's going to work against you for the first several scenarios of Season 1.   And the follow up question I would have for you is:  
WHICH Champions member would have nominated you, and why?








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