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About Neos

A world divided by two constantly warring factions, the harsh tribal landscape of the North, where the line between man and beast is blurred and blood is soaked into every inch of dirt, and the flowery yet feudal states of the South, where the civilized realms of men dominate the horizon and where peace reigns supreme. After millennia of endless wars and political infighting, the two sides have gone eerily quiet, the North has ceased its constant raids, the South has silenced its incessant debating, signs of peace or are they omens of darker things to come.

Author's Purpose

This is a world built for my upcoming D&D 5e campaign and possibly a story beyond this. Every article here is open for the players to access, with some knowledge hidden away that they will uncover as they play along. It will constantly be updated with new lore when I have time between study and sleep (though who needs sleep) and I hope to add some input from my players so we can develop a world together.

Knowledge for my Players

This is where you can see all of my lore dumps and other such nonsense. As I mentioned above, this is for a D&D 5e campaign, which you can use to build your characters within. However I would strongly recommend we create your characters together so we can establish what races, classes and backgrounds you are wanting to play to avoid doubling up.
In terms of what you can and can't play, the rules are simple. Everything in the PHB and Xanathar's Guide to Everything is playable (though I will judge you if you pick something stupid like a Gnome Storm Herald Barbarian).
All the races in Volo's Guide to Monsters are allowed except Aasimar (and the monstrous races aside from Goblinoids as some are unbalanced and Orcs are updated for Rising from the Last War).
Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica is allowed in terms of the two subclasses, though the races are not allowed for player use mainly because they are lore dependent.
Rising from the Last War is allowed, namely Artificer, and the new races, minus Warforged because of lore reasons, this a medieval fantasy land not sci-fi.
No evil alignments are allowed except for lawful evil and that is if you tell me beforehand (Z is banned from Chaotic Neutral, we all know why).