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The Dawn

The Rising Star

The primary deity of the South, he is Light that shines upon the realms of man and beast, he is the guiding rays that show the true path and he is the blinding radiance that smites the heathen and the wicked for their sins.

Divine Domains

Light, Order, Life

Holy Books & Codes

The Book of Light. A tome that details the creation of all life on the Materium and how it was all given purpose by the Dawn.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A golden sun rising over a green field.

Tenets of Faith

The truth illuminates. The Light shall always shine upon the true, leaving the sinners in darkness until they repent or are consumed by evil.   The path of the Light is a hard one. The path of the righteous is not meant to be easy, it takes hard work, determination and grit to reach enlightenment.


The First Dawn, the celebration of the new year where people attend a dawn church service and share in a feast of lamb (or mutton for the poor).

Divine Classification
Lawful Good
The Celestial Plane
The Church of the Dawn
Aligned Organization
The Southern Pantheon

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