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The Battle of Twin Drakes

Two years ago, a battle between Northern raiders and Mortam's Philosopher Knights occurred on the eastern coastline of Mortam. The Northerners were led by Herving Stonefist, a Dragonborn barbarian and Thane of Baphom, driven to plunder the divine treasures held within Talsi's ivory towers. On the other side was Sir Valentine Draken, great-grandson of the notorious Dragon and the Beastmaster of the Philosopher Knights. The two forces confronted each other on the eastern peninsula, an amphibious assault that ended in bloodshed.

The Conflict


Small-scale Northern raids on farming villages in Mortam, forcing the Philosopher Knights to send patrols outside of Talsi.


The Northerners were arriving by ship, staging an amphibious landing against an unfortified position along the beach. The Philosopher Knights formed a line along the coast with skirmisher support in the back to lay down volley fire.


Difficult terrain and a lack of defenses on both sides meant that neither side had an advantage over the other.


The victory deterred any further assault and had given the area enough breathing room to fortify in case of a counterattack.

Historical Significance


The last major conflict between the North and the South in recent memory, many see the battle as the final nail in the coffin for Northern incursions and proof that the North is unable to break any ground in the South.

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Conflict Result
The Philosopher Knights were victorious, both Herving and Valentine were slain.


Herving Stonefist's Raiding Party
The Philosopher Knight Patrol


465 Northern Warriors   4 Raider Longships
240 Philosopher Knights   105 War Hounds


312 Northern Warriors were slain or injured   3 Raider Longships were destroyed
108 Philosopher Knights were slain or injured   59 War Hounds were slain or injured


Raid the city of Talsi.   Establish a landing in Mortam.
Repel any Northerner Incursion.

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