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78th Current

Under the looming darkness of the Singularity Advancements, the 78th Current arose in opposition to the hastened development in wake of the Synths and the cyber-symbiosis movements across the globe. They are moved by the core belief of rejecting this technological symbiosis and denying the right of A.I. to surpass human capacities as it engenders the entire species, reducing the principles of "what it means to be human". Thus, their political stance, derived from a famous math between one of the greatest men of Go (A.K.A. Baduk, Weiqi, Ranka) and a revolutionary A.I. that secured victory against him. Move 78 of the fourth match was a divine move that gave humanists hope throughout the coming decades against transhumanist policies and the Singularity's posthumanist theories and rise of sentient Artificial Intelligence - Synths.


Kisei: Leader of the 78th Current Eyes (2x): Individuals cloaked in secrecy that report to Kisei any threats to the Current Dan: Members deemed "Masters" in The Five Souls and capable of training the Kyu-ranked members. Knights: Experienced members who have studied "The Five Souls" extensively. They undergo the Dan Trials to become initiated into the status of "Master" Jokyu: Veteran member roughly in a journeyman status. Chukyu: Acolyte just beginning to study The Five Souls Shokyu: Initiatory status


The 78th Current prides itself in what critics assert as "neo-traditionalism", taking extinct cultural values and practices while seeking to revive them, integrating them into the Current with emphasis in the qualities of preserving pure human ideals.   These values consist of the following: Denying the right to intimate relations with Synths or any other A.I. Rejecting cybernetic symbiosis including, but not limited to, neural devices and bodily replacement with cybernetics for any reason beyond medical necessities. Emphasis in gardening, wood and metal crafts, among other traditional trades that became obsolete with automated industrialization.   Underpinning the 78th Current's values are The Five Souls, a list consisting of practices they praise to help hone the soul of any human that undergoes studying any to all five. They are as follows: 1. Go: A strategy board game originating in China over 2000 years ago. The study of go is touted as being an extension of the human experience, to study one's own games offers a mirror to face oneself and their flaws. 2. Calligraphy: In the days of automation and technology driving the spread of information, the use of handwriting is all but obsolete. The art of calligraphy praises the capacity in humans to express themselves with tools to produce expressive, written language. 3. Theology: The study of the nature of divinity. Over the course of a member's studies, they will move through reading Biblical scripture and the Vedas, Nihongi and Kojiki, the Eddas to the Book of the Dead. The 78th espouses spiritual awareness and appreciation for the diversity of faith throughout human history helps value the importance biological diversity. 4. Martial Arts: Tempering the soul and mind also demands a tempered body to be the vessel for them. While what martial arts are practiced is not a concern, the 78th Current predominantly emphasizes iaido and aikido 5. Literature: Without a doubt a significant means to fulfill the study of theology, the importance of valuing literature is rooted in the mytho-spiritual origins ever since The Epic of Gilgamesh. Whether a member of the Current sticks to filthy dust bin romances or sinks their teeth into the philosophers of three millennia, the Current as a whole cares little on the course - so long as their members can find love in the human expression of ideas in writing, then they are that much closer than the post-humanist instant-gratified peoples that have lost appreciation for the simpler and lengthier things in life.

Mythology & Lore

The values of the 78th Current is rooted in an ambiguous figure found in both Nihongi and Kojiki, the foundational texts to Japan's Shinto beliefs and origin story that props the Imperial Family as the longest standing dynasty in history. Yatagarasu, the "Eight Span Crow", was said to have led Emperor Jimmu to Yamato in wake of defeat with a local chieftan. With the migration, and Emperor Jimmu's army position to the east against his adversaries, he was able to secure victory with Amaterasu's blinding radiance casting upon the backs of him and his people.   Since this narrative, Yatagarasu's prominence grew with the 78th Current believing the three-legged crow to be a guiding kami, one that embodies divine wisdom that can be found by those that listen and follow it with absolute trust.

Big Dragons Never Die

Founding Date
Religious, Cult

Tenuous Business Agreement

The brokered agreement made between the Directors of 616i and the 78th states that as 616i allows for Synth presence in Caminos Dorados, 78th Current is authorized to neutralize rogue A.I. This has established an acceptable deal in which, while the 78th disdains the restrictions, feel satisfied in the recognition to enforce the law and ensure safety for humans in the face of unpredictable Synths.   In exchange for this "license to hunt", so to speak, 616i is provided intel on the various Synths operating within the megalopolis. This usage of the 78th Current as a spy network doubles beyond their theological disdain for Synths as they will gather any information desired by the Directors of 616 Industries with appropriate compensations allotted.

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