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Adapertio's watch.

a watch named after the founder of the council. any occultus avoid any person wearing them!


This watch glows when it detects a cor magicae nearby, alerting it's user to a nearby Occultus, making finding and hunting them easier. The part that glows is a round piece of Sicco, charged with a rather large amount of Occultus magic, and surrounded with a piece of venenum. It glows because it wants to gain magic to replace the parts that are poisoned by the venenum metal.
Renata Adapertio is the woman who created this watch in an attempt to discover the Occultus, a species she hates terribly, easier. She succeeds, and this creates a huge problem for the Occultus.
Access & Availability
The only ones who can access these watches are the elite of the neo council of Adapertio's elite because of how it's really difficult to create even a single watch. At this moment of time, Luna the 26th 2185, there are but 20 watches in the entirety of in que superesse. All of these watches are still in the capitol as they need to be charged periodically, and they have only one charging station, the little child who unwillingly helped in the creation of the watch.
It is really hard to make even a single watch because of next to having two extremely hard materials to mold, ( Sicco and venenum) it needs to be charched BY a Occultus. Beside this, it only needs some leather, glass and steel to make the watch itseld.
This watch was discovered after Renata Adapertio captured an Occultus child and testing every prototype on them, to see if the thing would glow after detecting a Occultus' cor magicae. Reneta 'rewarded' the child for their helpful coöperation in creating this device by keeping him alive in her base. He now powers her own copy of the watch, alongside some of her machines.
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