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Ambrose Channing

Son of a poor farmer, Ambrose grow up in almost luxury as within few years after birth, as he was chosen to befriend with the dutchess of the area son Adelram, while for years he did not really understand what this actually meant as he grew up he started to see the differences, as he had a fair better life compared to his other friends, on the few days he did have to be with Adelram. This dual vision on things made him at first despite his friend but that quickly changed after said person gave his sister a gift that would save her life countless times. that was until the city they live in was destroyed by a great beast, and he died along with his sister but has come back as a zombie under his friend control, who did not have the strength to save his sister.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

he is shorter then average, but if he ever takes off his shirt he has muscle.

Identifying Characteristics

His sharp blue eyes standout as they are one of the rarest in the world leading to many people wanting them. his Blond hair sticks out in the common black and brown but not as much as his eyes.

Physical quirks

Plays with his jaw, as it constantly is trying to fall off.
when bored he would use his knife to try and go between his finger as fast as he can, he has been able to do 9 times in 12 seconds without stabbing himself.

Special abilities

As he was constantly with the far richer than himself and had to deal with them all the time, he has gained the ability to change his clothing and voice to such a degree that many think it is magic but in reality it is simply his mind trying to handle the fact that, he has multiple personalities that all have different skill sets.
due to the spell cast upon him as long as he is within a certain distance of his master, he can repair his body from any damage except that done to his mouth as that was the one part he could not heal. although he is slowly healing it with water and life magic.
He has master moving silently, in fact, he can crawl over a building without ever making a sound/

Apparel & Accessories

Wear bright orange as to make himself as visible as possible, to challenge his skill at stealth and other things.
His other forms have their own clothing.
the female one has three dress

  • a slutty outfit
  • a noble outfit
  • and a princess outfit

the last one has one suit that of purple and green that has heavily armored parts throughout it.

Specialized Equipment

His weapon of choice is those of the assassin such as knife, wire, and poisons.
he is highly skilled in emotion and shadow magic.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Since early in his life, Ambrose has never had the best of luck. he was technical sold to the rich family in the area, to be a friend to their child, who after years of being with him can truly be his friend. that and how many times he was saved by him, as not a day goes by without something bad happening, trees seem to fall on him, sign break right as he walks beneath him, so many things should have killed him but his friend always saved him, in fact he had master healing and life magic by the age of 8 because of this, but that was not the moments he would call him a friend from no it is from one winter when everyone else was staying in with family, he had to be with his friend but he was sent home early, and found that his sister had a gift from him. this was confusing to him as he did not get the gift, but he went with it as it was only a small soldier doll, for a time he wondered why his friend said it was from him but he stops questioning it when he saw the toy come to life to defend his sister from bullies. from then on he learned that his friend is really trying so he decides to try back.
at the age of 9 he was sent to a nearby military school with Adelram, but not to learn,instead to be trained as a knight for his friend , which he did not really care for until it occurred to him he would always be around him and even though they are young Ambrose start to have deeper respect and admiration for him. it was also at this time he met his two other friends or to put it better rival and ally, as he does not trust his blood elf ally father then he could stab him, and the human well he a little soft.
when he reached the age of 14, he was a squire and was very close to being a knight but on the day of the rite of knighthood when the king of the area comes by and knights those who are worth the town was attacked by an unstoppable monster who lead a hoard of monster to destroy the town, he and his friends tried to flee safely but his bad luck struck again and he lost the lower part of his jaw to an arrow as they fled. though adrenaline kept him going until he was able to rescue his sister and flee the town, once they reached a safe distance he finally felt the wound and he saw that he was carrying his dead sister body. Ambrose awoke a few hours later his jaw still not fixed and his friends giving his sister a burial except for Adelram who sat on the ground crying a first for anyone their, Adelram was apologizing as he could not save his sister and he could not fix him but he did the only thing he thought of and made Ambrose his undead event, meaning he was now a zombie. Ambrose did not really care as he had planned to swear his life to his friend before all of this happen, all they changed his he could not be a food source for his blood draining friend but that what a blood elf is for. So from that day forward, they agreed to stay as a group and to hunt and kill the beast that destroyed their lives.


He has been trained at a small magical school as a knight but did not finish it as he and his friend had to flee town, before he could truly get his title but as time has gone on he has given up on most of that skill instead focusing on being the spy/ killer of the group as his liege want to create his own kingdom and not being able to die or be tortured does really aid in the more silent arts.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • has learned how to be a silent assassin without proper training or equipment in the span of 5 months.
  • Is known as the fast among his friends as even while undead he can still outrun them while never making a sound.
  • Learned how to change clothing in under 5 seconds, no matter the complecations.

Failures & Embarrassment

Never passes knight training.
Could not save his sister from death.
Has died countless time and has to be saved from death by his friend Adelram

Mental Trauma

Knows that his one true friend does not really trust him as he was mentally Broken by their mother.
Knows that he was chosen to live instead of his sister.
Has to deal with the fact that he constantly dies from the most random of things, this creates a paranoia against the world that rapidly changes into curiosity that has to lead to a few deaths.

Intellectual Characteristics

he is very meek and not really having a driving force as his whole life he had to act second fiddle to his friend or listen to his father when he actually decided to work. This lead to him being very observant and a person of few words. Lastly, as he had to deal with constantly changing things he at first create personas to match the scene but as time has gone on he is not really sure as he hears the voices that sound like them all the time now. He also has paranoia as he seems to be cursed to die to random things such as signs or fall branches.

Personality Characteristics


To kill the beast that killed his sister and family To make his Adelram a King and to get into said person pant


Contacts & Relations

Adelram Knight: his best friend and his master in more than one way. As he has sworn his life to him, and even if he did not he cannot go against him as he is an undead servant of him. the most important thing is that his feeling for his friend has changed and strengthened over the years.
Kaveh Mulkern: hates his guts far more than anything but will never show it, if it was not the fact that he is literal his master meal on feet, there is no doubt he would be dead.
Soner Feynman: does not really have an opinion on him besides to use him to gain some control over Kaveh, Ambrose does this by acting as Soner boyfriend. this plan has worked far better then he could ever hope for as Soner gets the close relationship with someone, Ambrose gain Kaveh anger and the attention of his friend at the same time, but the most importantly Kaveh cant stand that he does this as he could tell what he is doing.

Family Ties

All of his family is dead, and those who are not are so distant and unknowing to him that they might as well be.

Religious Views

If there are gods, then they are evil for no one would allow such acts of violence and cruelty that I have seen to be allowed.

Social Aptitude

Flirts with everything and everyone even though he has a partner, but Soner understands that he cant stop him, and has on more than one occasion joined him.
besides that, he can talk far nobler than he should ever be, or at like the village fool within the same blink of the eye.


his talk is nearly always muffled by his his scraf and the fact that he his missing part of his mouth making clearish speaking very diffuclt to do, but he is slowly healing the wound on his face, thanks to his understanding of magic.

Wealth & Financial state

One broken soldier doll its arm and leg are missing and its face is covered in blood
9 daggers enchanted with 9 different magic
An adamantium wire to kill with
His clothing is very simple and gives him the look of a ninja, he also has a princess dress, a noble suit, a slutty dress, and a strange purple and green suit he wore once
A small neckless with 4 teeth on it, with the one in the middle, is that of a very young child.

671 - 715 (Died 44 years old)
Current Residence
Traveling adventure
Biological sex
to put it simply he is willing to bang anything that is willing to bang him, which with him being undead is very few.
Although he does wish to have one personal attention but knows he could never draw their attention to their current form.
Gender Identity
While he is mostly a male one of his three dominant personalities is female.
sky blue
a brownish gold
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I swear by the life you have taken from me, by the soul you could not retrieve. I will make you a king, and personally slay the beast that ruined our lives."
Related Myths
Character Prototype
Based of Kenny McCormick from south park

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