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The Second Tower

Built 50 years after The Silverstone Castle by the wish of Kortana Quartz, the Second Tower is a colourful spot of mystery in the mundane environment.

Purpose / Function

Its original purpose was to serve as a library, so Kortana had it filled with tomes bought by other nations and gathered from the nobility on the island. As only the first few floors have been known to be filled with books, the remaining floors were sealed away, never to be opened by her decree. For what most people know, those floors are empty, yet some of the most trusted members of the royal guard stand watch at the library to

protect the available books.


The tower was built in a largely different manner than the rest of the castle. With its huge size it looms above the first, orginal tower of the keep. Yet it misses the style that makes everything else around it bulky. It radiates from wisdom and the power of knowledge (as a good library should) and something more. The architecture is unlike anything seen on the Islands.


Built in 55 AS, the tower has always been a library. The empty floors were sealed off only a few months after the building has been finished and the library was filled with books. It is said that Kortana wished her corpse to be put in a coffin and placed in the sealed part of the library. Nobody knows whether that happened or not.

Alternative Names
Kortana's Tower
Parent Location
The Silverstone Castle
Rocwil Quartz
Owning Organization
Neh'relean Royal Family

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