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Governor Den Jakkis

Dennerik (Den) Jakkis (Born 24.22, 30 BBY) is a Randon politician and engineer who served as the governor of Randon from 1 BBY to the present. One of the most surprising appointments in the history of the sector, Jakkis is the youngest person to ever serve as governor of Randon under the Galactic Empire (and Galactic Republic).
  Jakkis was born in Kero-ilu, the largest residential ward of Tawlgon. As early as 9 years old, he worked the factory floor at Barris Interstellar, making durasteel, to keep his family out of poverty. In 19 BBY, he applied for and won the Republic Award of Promise (later the Imperial Award of Promise), positioning him with a full scholarship to the Corellian Institute of Science and Technology. After graduating with honors at the age of 15, Jakkis found employment at Kwat Drive Yards. In 10 BBY, He returned to Randon and founded Saal Space Systems (SSS). Moving on to political work, in 4 BBY, at the special request of Governor Yaba, Jakkis was appointed as the Randon Director of Commerce. Three years later, in 1 BBY, he was appointed Governor of Randon by Grand Moff Lozen Tolruck. Despite his work in politics, he has retained sole ownership of Saal Space Systems.
  Widly reguarded as a technical and economic genius, Jakkis brought economic revolution to Randon. When he opened Saal Space Systems, Randon and several of the surrounding systems were seeing massive loss in revenue due to proximity to the increasingly profittable forest world, Kashyyyk. The economy was strained, factories were furloued, and homelessness and crime were at an all time high. Within one year of operation, SSS had developed the Dampened Energy Neutralizer (Den), a cooling system for sublight engines that massivly boosted efficiency. Because of the ingenuity of the design and briliant marketing, the demand for Randon starship components skyrocketed. The resulting economic turn-around produced daily improvments for Randonians, massive proffits for SSS, and immesurable public favor for Jakkis.
  During the next several years, Jakkis consumed himself with Saal Space Systems. It was around this time that he met Pia Xyan, a mirialan of unknown origin. The details of their meeting, what drove them to court, and why they ended up married are . Even today, their connection is the talk of tabloid journalests, political historians, social analysts, and conspiracy theorists.   As time passed, SSS continued to grow to the point that the increased scope of the company nececitated that he take on a more managerial role in the business. At this point in the growth of SSS, the company was having increased difficulty in his dealings with the Randon Ministry of Commerce. His business had grown to the point that he was risking dissolution under an economic stature preventing monopolies. Larger corporations could be excluded, but these companies must be based in the Core Worlds for tax status reasons. To atempt to negotiate the issue, Jakkis invited then Director of Commerce Butra Ghaa to a dinner party at his residence. The exact proceedings of the negotiations are unclear as only the two of them were in the room where it happened (and neither have been forthcomming about the details since). However, Jakkis emerged the clear victor with a contract allowing Saal Space Systems to conduct business unimpeeded with a tax-exempt government status. The caviat was that SSS had to manufacture parts soley on Randon. The results were so shocking and one-sided, that Butra Ghaa was prompty fired for incompetence.   After leaving the position of Director of Commerce open for an entire rotation, then Governor Setar Yaba, impressed with Jakkis' financial and diplomatic savvy, offered him the position. Jakkis initially refused, citing personal health reasons, but after a month accepted the public service position. During his time as the top economic executive on Randon, he passed sweeping reforms to expand the economy such as lowering Imperial restrictions on imported goods, reducing the frequency of cargo checkpoints, capping tariffs and customs duties, and offering tax incentives for capital investment. He also swept through the Ministry of Commerce and removed superfluous workers, streamlining the beaurocracy and dramatically increasing efficiency. When Governor Yaba resigned, it was this diligence that caused Grand Moff Lozen Tolruck to take notice of Jakkis, leading to his appointment as Governor of Randon.

Governor of Randon

In office
1 BBY - Present
Preceded by: Setar Yaba  

Randon Director of Commerce

In office
4 BBY - 1 BBY
Preceded by: Butra Ghaa  

Saal Space Systems CEO

In office
10 BBY - Present

Personal Details

Species: Human (male)
Born: 30 BBY (age 34)
Birthplace: Kero-ilu, Randon
Spouse(s): Pia Xyan
Residence: Gubernatorial Palace, Port Saal
Education: Corellian Institute of Science and Technology
--Focus: Subspace System Engineering

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