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Those People

A group of neighbors from before the Calamity on Undead Dimension that banded together to survive. After traveling to this dimension the protagonist assumes the body and identity of one of its members, an unemployed 20-something bartender called Em.   At the beginning, as the group doesn't have an official name, the protagonist calls them "Those People" and is the only thing close to a name they have for a very long time on the story.   Despite having started as a group of neighbors, their numbers also include friends of family and colleagues. The alliance is a non-spoken agreement, as most agree they can't live without the help of others and must concede in order to survive. As such, they have no document or hard agreement explaining obligation or duties, much less granting power from one group to the other.   On the few times the families have to discuss something that affects the whole group - such as allowing an outsider into the band, punishments or routes and survival plans - everyone will be able to gather and each group will have a representative, but everyone can speak at any turn. Often times, given the size of the whole group, these meetings only count with two to four members of each group.  

The Groups

At start we are only presented with the group of which Em belongs, but soon we find out that there are five core groups, each related to a family and their house in the neighborhood they have come from. They are the families Neumann, Foster, Yeong, Havey and Strand.  


The family itself is one of the smaller ones, and despite even also counting with a former colleague of Em they are still the smallest group. The head of the group is Neumann's patriarch, Harold Neumann. The other members include: his older sister and her husband, Pam and Norman; his two children Em and Fran and Pam's only child Ezra. Em's colleague and long time friend, Brian, has joined the group after failing to find his family.   Their house is one of the biggest ones, and also better equipped for the post-apocalyptic times, since it is one of the few with solar panels and a small workshop. They eventually agree to convert part of the backyard into a garden when Em finds seeds in a scouting mission.  


The Fosters are a group a bit larger than the Neumann's but not by much. Headed by Gilbert and Brienne Foster, two of the few grandparents in the whole neighborhood, they are a bit stubborn and don't exactly perpetuate the kindhearthed and sweet old couple. In fact, Gilbert and Brienne are at constant fighting which has caused some division in the family.   Their members include the couple's three children, two in-laws, and five grandchildren, of which only two are above fifteen. There are also a few pets among the children and one of the grandchildren, Henry, has a girlfriend that is part of the group. A few months before Em does the travel, the Fosters had lost the oldest son and his wife in a scouting mission, only having Matt - their fourteen years old child - survive.  


Among the wealthiest of the group, maybe losing only to the Havey, the Yeong family is led by matriarch Mi-hee. She is fierce and frequently speaks her mind without taking turns, her son moved to the country as a teen to go to college and after establishing a family, paid to have her and her husband moved from Korea. Her husband died in the neighborhood after being bitten and brought back to the group. Such incident also resulted in the death of her only grandchild and her daugher-in-law, as well as Logan Havey losing one of his arms.   Other members include the matriarch's sister-in-law and niece, as well as her two daughters. They have a very temperamental cat that keeps close to the matriarch and has worked as some sort of alarm system during scouting missions.  


The Havey's have been part of local community for decades now and a job provider to locals, Liam Havey is the head of the family and owner of a local restaurant franchise. He often times act as a superior or leader of the whole group, which eventually turns into problem for Em as she starts to adapt and see flaws in the plans based on her travel experience. His older son, Logan, got bitten by Yeong's former patriarch and had to have his arm severed, which in turn created a bitter sentiment between the Haveys and the Yeongs.   The family members include Liam's wife, two sons, one daughter and one daughter-in-law. However, as the group accepts the family of two of Havey's employees they are actually the larger group.  


The most recent addition to the neighborhood, having moved only last year, the Strands are a bit of an unknown and most times with distant relations with the rest of the group. Family wise they count with the brothers Vincent and Simon Strand, Vincent's wife, Mary and Simon foster child Jules.   However, the Strand had good relations with their friends and as such a few managed to arrive at the neighborhood and have been living with the group, those include Eren and her fianc√© Zari, a veteran soldier Nigel and the professor Zacariah, who also has two teenage daughters.


While the families are not forced to share inventory of their possessions or share the use of those, a few things have become common use. Such as Neumann's workshop, Havey's backyard grill and closeby property's special features, such as backyard playgrounds, pools and a few cartwheels.   Even without a proper set of rules for their alliance, all groups contribute with adults to go into scouting missions and to fend off stray zombies that approach the houses. Eventually, they start building fences around a few blocks, and that works as the most basic defense for the whole group.


The neighborhood is often called The Village¬†and counts with nearly a dozen houses of various sizes and shapes. In fact not all of those are actually used as residents and a few have been repurposed, but in general, the group acts with control over one block and a few houses close by, that way ensuring fast communication for a speedy retreat if necessary.   Most of the houses that are inhabited by other members share border with at least another inhabited house. As a few houses are repurposed either the rightful owner is confirmed dead or has been a long time since they were last seen, they have expanded from their legally bought land to occupying it for survival.
Founding Date
A few months after Calamity
Social, Group
Alternative Names
The Village
Subsidiary Organizations

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