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The Tansrensien Empire


Tansrensien is considered to be one of the grandest empires in Mésvéstell. It nearly encompass the whole of Sadorneta and stretches to the borders of Ajcanien in the east, to the Lanhj Klerv Mountain Range in the west.   It houses the great library of Saverbhan, which hold nearly all known knowledge in the world. It is ruled by the Sultan or Sultana and the Houses of the Moon - Witch families with high concentrations of mana in their blood.   It is also here which one can find the great gladiatorial games, where highly trained slaves fight for the entertainment of the casts.  


For both sexes.

Women usually wear colorful thin dresses and shawls. They usually have a piece of jewelry in the hair or around the forehead.   Men usually wear thin pants, shirt and / or a long vest. Most often they wear a collar of chainmail. To embellish it all, rich men usually embroider them with jewelry or make them out of silver.  


She was wearing a sandy, thin dress with green-blue wide embroideries. Over her forehead she had a headband made out of pearls, in which a thin green shawl was attached to. At the waist she had a wide sandy belt made out of thin cotton, which was more fashionable than practical.
— Jacob Hallstone's journal.


On his neck, he had a collar of mail in polished silver. He was wearing a long green vest over a blue shirt. His pants were white like seashells and innocently embroidered with black stars.
— Jacob Hallstone's journal.

Geopolitical, Empire
Training Level
Veterancy Level
National symbol
A dragon with folded wings holding a shield in its claws.   Environments
Tansrensien's environment is mostly barren, with sand and stone deserts.
Next to the coastline and near sources of water, lush green vegetation can be found, as well as grand agricultural fields.   Special areas
The Karca Desert - One of the larger deserts in Mésvéstell.   Why collars of mail?
The fashionable collars are remnants from the last years of the Sovereign Dynasty, when vampire fought human. It was means for protecting the necks from vampyric bites, and several different kinds of Neck Collars saw the light of the day, with some being made from whole steel, to the more recognizable mail collars.

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