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Magical Talent

This is a Work In Progress.

  Ever since the dawn of civilization - and probably even before that - humans have categorized magic into different forms, at least the kind of magic which Witches manipulates. Many likes to imagine it as a gigantic tree, with several different branches.   It is clear even to the slowest of minds that Magic naturally separates itself into different forms, yet it still can be seen as one; much like a tree.   All witches have so-called Talents.
  Talent is a word which tells one about what form a Witch's Magical Energy usually manifests itself as.  

The Six Talents - Manifestation of Magic

There are six different kinds of Talents that are near globally accepted:  

The common ones

The most common Talents are Talent in Lighting and Talent in Light, which some considers to be the Fundamental Talents. Nearly every Witch has them, in varying strength.  

Three Talents & Greater Talents

Having two to three different types of Talents is very common among Witches. Some have inborn Greater Talents or Talents then others, but a Witch can train their Talents like muscles so they get better at using them and making them stronger.  

Intertwining Talents

Up to three talents can be intertwined.
  • For example, Talent in Ice and Talent in Flame can be used together to create burning flames out ice, which freezes everything it comes into contact with.
  • Talent in Lightning and Talent in Ice can create lightning that causes frost damage.

One Talent

Some Witches, however, only have one talent. They are considered Greater Talents.


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