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Si vis pacem, para bellum.
  Moryn is the Grimdark Fantasy World which is the setting of majority of my stories, and as such it is rather difficult to write a bit about the current events (given that my stories are set all at different points within Moryn's history) but nonetheless, I shall try. It is a gritty High Fantasy World, and plays host to a variety of fantastical creatures and people, but also highly advanced technology.   I created Moryn when I was seven years old (so, it's ten years old now), and, until I started using this site, I kept all my world building mostly in my head. As such, a lot of things will still be (for lack of a better word) half-finished as I am in the process of uploading as much information of this world out of my brain (and other random places I have been storing notes and short stories) and onto this site.   Moryn is an old world, and has played host to many wars, famines, and diseases which slowly destroyed the lands. Once, in a past vaguely remembered, the different beings of the world lived side-by-side harmoniously, but now this must be maintained with false promises and futile treaties. Not even the threat of annihilation from the gods was enough for the battles to end, so the gods took matter into their own hands.   Destroying their original creations and making a new one to keep the peace, the gods quickly abandoned the world they built, hoping that their new creations would be enough to protect it. However, this ended in disaster, and created a world worse than the one the gods destroyed. The evolution of science along with the magic that survived the destruction meant that the creatures were able to cause greater havoc than before, and the consequences were much more catastrophic.   After many thousands of years, Moryn itself crumpled under the weight of weapons and magic used for war which was killing the lands as well, and the creatures were forced to deal with devastating natural disasters, plunging the world into a cold, barren winter lasting three hundred years, which saw the end of many of the second generation creatures and left the newer, weaker ones to survive.   Since then, peace has been a fragile thing, people forced to work together so they wouldn't be forced to endure another Sunless Winter. However, peace can never last, and all sides are gearing up for a war much more disastrous than Moryn has ever seen, with consequences no one in the land could possibly imagine.