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The Orphanage

In the region where [female main name] is from, there sits a now refashioned three tier house that used to server as a luxurious hotel for the rich. The main floor had a service desk to the right, and to the left there held a great ballroom. In between its pillars were doors to respective bathrooms. Both upper floors had rows of rooms, the third tier being the most luxurious of its time as they had larger rooms and special service. This floor was often reserved for the elite and these rooms were large enough for meetings. The main floor also has a connected corridor that leads to a private bathhouse for respective genders. Oftentimes laughter was heard coming from that part of the house.  


For years this hotel had a great name with a good grand opening of the place, and also served as a ballroom which took place many dances. It was so popular that the reservations had a waiting list up to one year, unless someone canceled. There were a few Guardsmen to protect the place from dangerous monsters or visible Abominations. Even a protective barrier was put up around the buildings for extra measure.  

The Silent Massacre

But that wasn’t enough for this one fateful night when every guest was asleep. Fewer Guardsmen were awake at this time, but they did alternate shifts to stay alert. However, they were not prepared for the Unseen Abominations. These ones played and toyed with the minds of everyone, even guests who were asleep had terrible nightmares and had even died in their sleep. Those were the peaceful deaths, despite its terrifying nature. The others who were awake were not so fortunate. To the outsider looking in, it was as if they had turned on each other and killed one another. In their mind they thought they were looking at something horrifying and not another human being. This was the biggest massacre anyone in Mara had yet seen in their time.  


Three centuries later, a prestigious woman saw the conjoined buildings for sale. Knowing its history, she bought it anyway and also a few acres of land around it. Her vision was to build an orphanage for those who lost their parents, couldn’t be with their parents due to abuse, or just no relatives for them to go to. She herself was an orphan and so she wanted to return the good fortune she had to others who were less so. Her name is Zarah and she is called Mother by many.

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