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Spirit Armour

The Radiant King's Armour is found within.

Genlte, still and small, but quite profound in things said.~ Wonderous Sojourner
A mysterious phenomena among Sojourners. They say they have heard the call and followed after a voice which beckons them to find these ancient artifacts.  

Helmet or Crown of Salvation

Nothing evil can penetrate the mind of the wearer, like some of the levels of Abominations, so long as the level of Light within the bearer is stronger.  

Breast Plate/Robe of Righteousness

Evil cannot penetrate the heart and reflects a level of judgment back to the offender. Oak of Righteousness.  

Belt of Truth

Truth will be discerned and revealed to the wearer, so long as the person or spirit is tested.  

Shoes/Boots of Peace

Peace will be found where ever the wearer walks and their steps will be a guided light before them.  

Sword/Weapon of Spirit

A source of mysterious power unknown and cannot be further studied due to missing pieces of the ancient document. It is suspected that the power could be devastating.  

Shield of Faith

Protects the wearer from on coming attacks by sensing opposing magic. It can also reflect light, perhaps to reveal a hidden path?   This is all that is known about the Ancient Artifacts. Researchers have set out with travelers to seek out these Relics of Old, but all have returned empty handed and nothing studied. However, this only dampened their spirits for a few short years of rest before they set out again. Perhaps they had missed something along the way… The report continues to this day, the journey seeking out such power in hopes to finally put an end to the impeding Apocalyptic War.

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7 Feb, 2021 22:48

What an interesting collection of artifacts! :D I particularly like the idea of the belt of truth.

11 Feb, 2021 23:36

Great! Thanks ^.^/ I'm trying to think of themes for them as it will be significant to the main characters. ^^

~ Eliora Yona ~