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Sacred Pomegranate

Pomegranates are known as the heart of all fruit and is considered sacred for not only its edible properties and medicinal uses, but also for material uses. These uses can range from paint, dye and architecture. As a decoration the pomegranate can be cut in half and then dried to achieve a jewel-like effect; usually sprayed silver and or gold for respective [festivities]. In the city of [region] these decals are seen in the inner most part of [city name], usually as a big tree, depending on the celebration.   The pomegranate is known for its shape of a heart and believers of the Bright One say it symbolizes His heart for the world of Mara. Another symbolism is sacrificial love for its colour, the most powerful action anyone can take for an enemy or a friend. There are many nutritional properties and is known as a super fruit because of that fact. It is also said that due to the packing of the nutritional value, that the Bright One imparted His love into the fruit itself - hence giving such a boost and prosperous growth in aiding the body.   The [Region] grows and produces these fruits inside the courtyard of the church house. When in season there are volunteers at the ready to harvest them, which is in August. Just when the fruit is fully ripened and picked, that is the best quality. No two volunteers are the same: there are groups who harvest, sow and water. Before harvest there is a festival of gratitude that every believer attends, so as to show thanksgiving to the Bright One for His loving provisions. These fruits are distributed to everyone in the [city name], no matter the status and even to the less fortunate as the pomegranate symbolizes love in its purest form.

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