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Rank/Title of Order

In a world faced with adversity and chaos, a certain Rank and Order came into place using a triune method. It is authoritative, but merciful and fair, and in service to the public against the unseen forces of evil in Mara. These Ranks are wide spread across the world toady.   This has three Ranks, but also acting as one: Shield, Sword and Cross. This makes the insignia complete, but are also stand alone for each given Rank.  

The Shield

This acts as it appears. To shield those who are afflicted by something when they have no means of protecting themselves.  

The Sword

This has two uses, both to deflect and attack if the need arises. Those who are assigned this role have spirit that is honed and controlled at a higher level than the Shield.  

The Cross

This is the highest spirit level capability a person has in the [Name] and are rare to come by. By that nature the Rank itself is quite small.   It is possible to grow in ranks, provided that it is where one is called to be. Unlike other ranking systems in the world, this one cannot be treated like a game, or something to be reached by oneself. This ranking system in itself is rather mysterious and not from people of Mara, but from the Bright One Himself.   This Rank of the organization gathers its Intel from simply listening to people’s story and what is going on in their lives - believers of the unseen or not, alike. Though they are not very secretive to the public, but rather informative. They do not hide their intended presence as some others do, but people of Mara do get the sense they have a desire to help the weak.

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