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Many Birthdays

In the world of Mara, there are many ways birthdays are celebrated among people, but one particularly about those who are in the Radiant King’s Kingdom is quite different.  

A Kingdom’s Past

It all began over two millennia ago when the king of Peace was asked what he wanted for his birthday and that the Bright One would give him anything he asked for. The king of Peace responded by asking for wisdom to guide and judge rightly among the people he was responsible for, being a king. His desire was to be right and fair to his people and so the Bright One gave him wisdom and a discerning heart and commended him for not asking for power to destroy other kingdoms, as the others have.  
“I will grant you what you seek from Me by your word, a wise heart you are bestowed this day and onward. There has not been another that has asked as you have, king of Peace [Name], and there will be no other like you again.”
~ Bright One

Birthdays:Born of Spirit

From written sources of this small piece of history, the people of Mara who believe in and has been born through His Spirit; the Bright One, their Radiant King and Shining Saviour, gather together for these special events. Young and old alike are treated the same way: the community gathers together and each family, given how great or small the community and may differ, gives one gift for that person to use for their talents or anything they need. This can range from food, shelter upgrades, tools for artists or gardening, whatever that person’s gift is or is in need of.   Asking the Bright One is always the first thing they do when their Born Again or Born of Spirit birthday comes along. This is always between them and God, and no one else.

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