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Mountain Lord

An Old Race

The inhabitants of the City of Caelhim, universally known as Mountain Lords, are considered to be the culmination of Architect's humanoid creations. They count themselves as the second oldest race in Miand'Més, only being thwarted by the Vethia.   Quite a few scholars suspect that they are actually remnant members of the Sareas, but this is something that the Mountain Lords take instinctive offense at, or ignore to the best of their capabilities.  
— Mountain Lords - The Solitary Folk.


The Taeva Regla

Their society has a relatively strict hierarchy and at the top of the social pyramid stand the Taeva Regla. Known as Pamyel Vel Tatrasial and Anahal Val Akriel, they are the Mountain Lords absolute leaders.   Since their ascension to the Throne of Caelhim 90 years ago, they have ruled fairly well and are among the more social-inclined Taeva Regla that has lived. Like the previous ones in their position, they are considered to be the most powerful of their race in regards to wielding the Holy Trinity, capable of transforming an imposing stone city into a deep smoldering crater.  
— Mountain Lords - The Solitary Folk.

The Trial of the Flower

Overseen by the Taeva Regla, this Trial takes place every second century. It could be considered to be one of the most important events in the Mountain Lords culture.  
— Mountain Lords - The Solitary Folk.

A Flower of Darkness

It begins while the Ans Flower blossoms in some of the Dawn Mountain's deepest caves. In the time between each trial, the Ans Flower is in a petrified state and is impossible to harvest. The harvesting can also only be done in absolute darkness since when light shines upon an Ans Flower, it will return to its petrified state for another two centuries.  
— Mountain Lords - The Solitary Folk.

A Dreadful Trial

The young Mountain Lords that participate in the Trial must be tested by the Ans Flower through a form of subconscious telepathy. If the participant is judged as unworthy, he or she is petrified on the spot. It is believed that they become nourishment for the Ans Flower.   For those who are judged as unworthy, but for some reason are spared, are given the choice to either serve the higher casts as slaves or become Exiled. Most choose slavery, as the other choice is seen as worse than death by many of their kind. A few of the Unworthy, however, choice exile without even returning to their City and thus has a harder time surviving without the usual gifts bestowed upon an Exiled.  
— Mountain Lords - The Solitary Folk.

The Exiled

Those who are in Exile are not welcome to return ever again unless they find something of considerable value to the Taeva Regla, the High Guardian, the High Mechanus, or the High Botanist.   The few who come down from the Mountain become ostracized since they do not feel like they fit in anywhere among the Young Races' societies. They are almost never trusted and usually treated with suspicion. Most often, they become solitaires that travel through empires and kingdoms in search for archeological treasures or forgotten knowledge.   It is not uncommon for the Exiled to carry on several artifacts that they use if they get in trouble or when they search ruins. There are those in the House of History that say that the Exiled have created their own Sanctuaries, but no one has managed to find them.  
— Mountain Lords - The Solitary Folk.

The Factions

Their society consists of a number of Houses, to which a Mountain Lord belongs to. The most influential ones are the House of Guardians, the House of Mechanus, the House of Historians and the House of Botanists. The smallest of the Houses are the Guardians.  
    • The Historians take care of all sorts of information, whether it's history or facts about individuals or events that happen for the moment. They also take care of the large Library.
    • The Botanists take care of the flora and fauna inside the City of Heaven. They are also masters of drugs, both in terms of life-threatening and life-saving ones.
    • The Guardians are those who hold the order in the heavenly palace and can be seen as some of the most feared warriors in Miand'Més. They are trained both in The Holy Trinity and in combat, as well as in strategy.
    • The Mechanus takes care of all the artifacts that former Exiled brought back. They also keep the mechanical soul of the City of Caelhim running, as well as watching over the Guardians' equipment.
— Mountain Lords - The Solitary Folk.

Basic Information


The Mountain Lords appear more or less human but are taller and have a slender build. The shortest Mountain Lord is usually around 190 centimeters, with the tallest being around 250. Their skin, which can have various shades of white, is smooth as silk: only the very oldest of their kind gets wrinkles.   Their hair and eyebrows are either dark brown or platinum white and do not need to match their hair, which appears to always come in shades of white. Though this rule is broken by the Exiled, whose hair-color changes over time into a more darker shade. Most agree that it has something to do with walking the Lowlands.  
— Mountain Lords - The Solitary Folk.

Genetics and Reproduction

Sexual reproduction.

Like all other mortal races, Mountain Lords reproduces sexually but they have one of the lowest birthrates of all. Generally, two Mountain Lord babies are born every year but sometimes more or fewer see the light of day.  
— Mountain Lords - The Solitary Folk.

Divine Genetics

A fascinating fact regarding Mountain Lords genetics is that they are able to produce children with their closest relatives without the offspring suffering any disorders, which is the case with humans, lycanthropes and animals. This would explain how they have managed to survive for so long with so few numbers. It should be noted, however, that producing a child with a sibling or parent is looked down upon in their society.  
— Mountain Lords - The Solitary Folk.


The Holy Trinity

The Mountain Lords have been gifted with three ability branches known as the Holy Trinity. These are Sensation, Psyche, and Astral.  
— Mountain Lords - The Solitary Folk.


Sensation concerns their ability to give and absorb energy, both in terms of vitality and natural forces, such as the heat of a fire.   The older Mountain Lords are also capable of absorbing the magical energy from both their surroundings and from individuals and creatures and imbue objects with it. This works with all materials, but the one that is best suited for it is kianje metal.   Beyond this, Mountain Lords can also utilize Sensation as a possible nutrition collecter, by absorbing something known as the Power, which is said to be magic and divine power merged into one. Thanks to this, a member of their species can wander long periods without food or water without dying or suffer long-term ill effects.  
— Mountain Lords - The Solitary Folk.


Psyche is their ability to speak telepathically with individuals and creatures, capable of reading their emotions and most surface-dwelling thoughts. They can train this aspect of the power to dwell deeper into the minds and emotions of others.   They are also able to subconsciously connect with the flora and certain geographic locations and objects, the latter two of which can give them insight into its history.   Beyond all this, they can move objects with their minds and change their state of matter by applying great heat or cold. They can then sometimes change the form of the object by applying mental and physical force. Metal and stone are the most common materials worked with. Mostly.  
— Mountain Lords - The Solitary Folk.


Astral applies to their ability to project their astral form out of their body and see the world from a bird's perspective.   This also allows them to perform something known as Astral Physical Teleportation, where their astral form becomes physical in nature. This aspect of the power work over various large distances: at its peak, it can allow the Mountain Lord to travel across an entire continent in a few seconds, though at the cost of great stamina.   Beyond that, they are capable of sensing danger and otherworldly beings on an instinctual level. They are most intuned to sense creatures and beings from the chaotic planes and the horrors from The Great Dark Ocean.  
— Mountain Lords - The Solitary Folk.


Universal tongue

It is very easy for Mountain Lords to learn new languages, both verbal and written, though the latter one takes a bit more time. It helps especially the Exiled a great deal when they want to integrate into a human or a lycanthropic society. This is also something they share with the Gnomes and the Vethia.  
— Mountain Lords - The Solitary Folk.

Alternative name(s) Caelhimeans, Sareas, Ancient Ones, The Solitary Folk, The Ascended Ones
City of Caelhim
1800 years.
Average Height
190 centimeters.
Average Weight
80 kilograms.

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