White Sanctum

The birthplace of a Creator.

"Hm? I did not expect to find you here. I hope you are well, Visitor. You want to know about what, exactly? Where did you hear of this place? Ah, I understand. Sometimes I am too much of a perfectionist. Very well. I believe this book will satisfy your curiosity.  
— The Archivist, to You.

A Most Holy Realm

The White Sanctum is seen by all of the Higher Sphere as the holiest of realms, as well as the most mythical. It is considered to be the very birthplace of the Architect: The realm where He Awakened from His slumber.  
— Excerpt from The White Sanctum — The Birthplace of a Creator.
Written by the Archivist.


Excluding Architect Himself, the White Sanctum can only be reached and traversed by the Firstborn: Origin and Guardian.
However, it is said that even the Urh need to be concentrated to access the White Santcum or else they may find themsevles elsewhere, be it Kanzertum, Creastvkr or possibly even any of the Nexus Worlds.
This brings with the misfortunate possiblity of considerable destruction on both a physical and metaphysical level that can be quite difficult to repair and it will, ultimatly, leave scars upon the Fabric of Reality. Fortunatly, these missteps are, at the moment this writing, said to be so few they can be counted on one hand.  
— Excerpt from The White Sanctum — The Birthplace of a Creator.
Written by the Archivist.


The White Sanctum is nothing but a snow-white void that shimmers in a silvery-white glow that is only noticeable in the corner of one's eye, or perception of sight.
It appears to have no definitive end and is believed to be infinite in size. It is only with great concentration and willpower that one may purposefully reach the Great Dark Precipice of Nothingness.
Thin, silver-white threads hang loosely in the air or connect with the ground. Some melt away after a few seconds while others appear to be more long-lasting. They are drawn to the Urh's presence, similar to how iron threads are attracted to a magnet; when they connect, a reaction will occur and the threads will begin to glow crimson with Genisha energy.
The hard surface of the White Sanctum's ground is as reflective as that of a mirror, something that Origin has compared to the salt-flats of Miand'Més, and is covered in a thin layer of clear, colorless liquid. As the Urh walks upon the wet surface, an array of colors across the entire spectrum will ripple across it before slowly ebbing out. Beyond that, they will leave footsteps after themselves that glow crimson with Genisha energy; a visualized comparison would be to that of bloody footsteps on freshly fallen snow.  
— Excerpt from The White Sanctum — The Birthplace of a Creator.
Written by the Archivist.
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According to the Firstborn, the White Sanctum gives off a solemn impression that affects one mentally, as well as imbuing them with a sense of serenity and heightens their attentiveness. Origin has mentioned that it has a scent to it, similar to that of petrichor.  
— Excerpt from The White Sanctum — The Birthplace of a Creator.
Written by the Archivist.

A place for meditation

Before the Great Sorrow, the Firstborn could sometimes find Architect meditating in the White Sanctum; crimson Genisha energy appearing where His presence touched the wet surface.
During those instances, Architect would be unresponsive to any sensory input, be it vocal or physical. Around Him, appearing and disappearing like high waves that struck a breach, where detailed environments of various biomes.
A few of these would be vast high-modern metropolises with flying vehicles and buildings made from glass and metal that reached incredible heights, or semi-cozy towns with a similar appearance and technological level of those found on the countryside of Miand'Més.
Of whatever appearance these environments had, they were always connected to surrounding Sereor Threads that glowed intensely with Genisha energy. Some also connected Architect with His momentary creations.
The Firstborn were able to slightly alter these environments but not by much: It was, however, one of the few ways they could awaken their Father from the Creation Trance. When that happened, the environments would evaporate like boiling water and the Sereor Threads would fade away slowly.  
— Excerpt from The White Sanctum — The Birthplace of a Creator.
Written by the Great Archivist.

Locations within the White Sanctum

The Great Dark Precipice of Nothingness

Possibly the only other location in the White Sanctum that offers variety in its otherwise silver-white landscape, the Great Dark Precipice of Nothingness is the penultimate edge of Existence. Its correspondence to the Shores of Essentia is unknown but it is believed to exist alongside the precipice, albeit on a lower frequential level.
It is not gradual but occurs instantly. A pitch-black horizon that stretches on for as long as one can perceive; Sereor Threads that glow so intensely with Genisha energy as to nearly appear black, are connected to the apparent border between Existence and Nonexistence. It is said that it was here where Architect met His antithesis: The Ruler of Nonexistence.
— Excerpt from The White Sanctum — The Birthplace of a Creator.
Written by the Great Archivist.

The Great Archivist

Alternative Name(s)
The Holy Realm. The High Infinite. The Great Origin. The White Void. The Crib of Creation.
Dimensional plane
Accessible by
The Architect, Origin, Guardian.



Existence Itself?

Among the Divinities, one of the more thoughtful and generally accepted theories regarding the White Sanctum, is that it is Existence in its raw, tangible form and that everything that is, is just a part of the White Sanctum that has been altered and locked in existence by Architect.


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17 Jan, 2020 17:57

A place of meditation and creation. I wonder if there's a way to push Architect's creations out into new planes to make them permanent?

18 Jan, 2020 08:57

Well... There is that one in-world theory that it has already occurred. ;) But it is only doable by the Architect himself. Though He is more prone to use the Caverns of Void and a Plane Seed to accomplish such a thing.

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