The Great Archive

"You want to know a bit more about the Great Archive? Here, this will answer most of your questions. And do not worry about the voice in your head, it means no harm.  
— Archivist.

Archive Guide

"Greetings Visitor. This book you hold will help give some amount of understanding regarding the Great Archive. I am your host and you may call me Archive Guide. Your personal guide and companion, you might say. I will with this book give you the information you might want to uncover beforehand in regards to certain areas and beings you might stumble upon during your visit here.  
— The Archive Guide.

An Introduction

The Size of the Great Archive

"Now, as an introduction, I should explain a bit of the fundamental aspects of the Great Archive. It has no definitive end and is infinite in size, at the very least as far as mortals understand.
The only ones who are truly capable of understanding its size would be Origin, Guardian and the Architect, as well as the Archivist himself of course.  
— The Archive Guide.

Traversing the Great Archive

"Traversing it is not easy, as it might take a very long time before one reaches a destination in mind; therefore the Astral Teleportation Clocks you have on your wrist is most useful.  
— The Archive Guide.

Floating Bookshelves.

"In some of the larger regions, one will sometimes see huge bookshelves float in the air above one, moving from place to place. Some Visitors use them to traverse, but they are few as it is dangerous with such heights. And also slightly not acceptable.  
— The Archive Guide.

Light sources

"There exist no natural day and night cycle within the Great Archive. Fortunately, the Archivist has created something of an alternative. The all-encompassing light that the walls, the floors, pillars, and the roofs give off will dim out with the arrival of enough Luminescents, such as Glowing Chrysalis and Glowwings and the Archive's building material will change color to a dark blue shade that will glisten like stars.  
— The Archive Guide.

Guardians of the Archive

"The Great Archive is divided into an infinite amount of layers that are in turn divided into regions, some of which are the size of towns or even kingdoms. The lower the levels you will reach, the more dangerous it will become. Why? Because they are guarded by Guardians and there are regions and levels that you are not permitted to access. Not unless you have the correct words to speak.
Do you remember the knights in black, jagged armor that stood at the Central Point Library? They were a type of Guardians and among the most dangerous of their kind. You might want to try to battle against them, but that would be futile.  
— The Archive Guide.

Workers of the Archive

"While you walk among the bookshelves, you might come into contact with Workers. They make sure the books and other mediums are in good condition and they also add new material to its collection. Feel free to ask them any question when you do not feel I am not of good enough assistance.
Most Workers are Librarians and Loremasters. The Owls and Crows of paper and clockwork are also fairly common, depending on what level and region you are in. The Origami are the rarest of Workers, but also very knowledgable.  
— The Archive Guide.

Other Visitors

"From time to time, you will meet another one like you: a Visitor. As the Great Archive is so unfathomably large, the chance for such a meeting is relatively low. There do exist a few communities out there, however, and most are very welcome towards newcomers. It should be noted, that personal deadly actions towards other Visitors are punishable with either death or Servitude.  
— The Archive Guide.
Alternative Name(s)
The Great Library, The Realm of the Archivist, The Realm of Knowledge, The Realm of Visitors.
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Additional Reading

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