Ancient Androids
from a long gone Age


Prometheites are humanoid artificial constructs, made from a rare and highly durable metallic alloy known as Prometheite. Formerly built to serve in an apocalyptic war known as the War of Despair, one that threatened to cause the very extinction of the Loerder, they are now seen as a subservient race in their own right, though the prospect of them truly being alive is still a matter of heated debate.  
— Races of Mésvéstell Omikra.


Every Prometheite is said to be made within the mythical Forge of Genisis which, according to myths and legends whispered about in certain communities, is located somewhere near the Lanhj Klerv Mountains. Every Prometheite is said to know a great deal of information about it, but every single one refuses to speak of it, to such an extent that it might be possible that they are incapable of doing so.  
— Races of Mésvéstell Omikra.

General Physical Condition

Prometheites are capable of carrying weights up to a hundred kilograms and can bend steel-bars with ease, as well as shattering stone boulders with a single punch. They can outrun a galloping horse and jump several meters up into the sky. Their metallic skins are bulletproof and cannot be punctured easily even by the finest of Silfgrim Melee weapons.
— Races of Mésvéstell Omikra.

General Appearance

Prometheites are, as formerly told, humanoid artificial constructs. They may resemble either a Loerder or Human, though the former has become distinctly rarer in recent centuries. They can be slim or stout, tall or short, feminine or male looking; it all appears to be randomized with no clear pattern in place.   Their outer shells are made from interconnected metallic pieces, similar to scales. The "scales" themselves are of a faint beige shade, covered in thin glyphs and lines of white Esoteric Ether. Their inner layers are as well made from Prometheite but have been lined as muscle fiber and bone structure.  
— Races of Mésvéstell Omikra.

Software Abilities

Calculative Minds

The minds of the Prometheites are true artificial intelligences that remember, learn, and grow with time. They are a meld of cold and calculative super-computers and the emotionally and instinctually driven brain of a biological being.
After leaving the Forge of Genisis, they carry a great deal of knowledge about the world, though some of it is vastly out of date. Due to this, they are incredibly curious about everything there is and thus a majority are taking up the role of a scholar seeking the answers.
They are capable of calculating thousands of possible outcomes within a few nano-seconds, to the point some of the less knowledgeable consider them to be able to see into the future.  
— Races of Mésvéstell Omikra.

Connecting to the Collective

From time to time, Prometheites are capable of accessing something they call the Collective. A source of knowledge acquired by any and all Prometheites that has ever existed. This will usually fill in most gaps in their knowledge, though it only happens for a few minutes every few years so it is not a full-proof method.
Beyond that, these pulses will allow the Promethites to know of each other location and health status, as well as allowing for a short commune between their numbers.
The origin of this Collective and the pulses it sends out is believed to be the Forge of Genisis itself. This possible source of incredible knowledge is one reason as to why it is so sought after, despite claims that the knowledge is merely in binary language.  
— Races of Mésvéstell Omikra.

Etherical Radar

Prometheites are capable of detecting any and all surrounding entities in close vicinity to them, even through thick stone walls. They can read essence signatures and detect if an individual is a Magician or Goëte. More importantly, they can detect Negative Frequencies that are connected to Raw Vesen and anything with a connection to Eärann.  
— Races of Mésvéstell Omikra.

Frequency Vision

They are capable of making out the vibrations of different kinds of entities. It is showcased in the form of thousands of tiny translucent drops. Using this, they are capable of making out those that attempt to be invisible or hide in incorporeal forms.  
— Races of Mésvéstell Omikra.

Hardware Abilities


Prometheites are capable of turning nigh-perfectly invisible to the naked human eye. It is not a widely used ability, as it takes its fair share of energy and tires them out. Beyond that, they still produce sounds while invisible, and rain and dust will distort their invisibility function, making them easier to make out.
It is mainly to be used against Raw Vesen and entities with a Negative Frequency, such as Behemotes and Draugr.  
— Races of Mésvéstell Omikra.

Arm Swords

Built into their arms are retractable, nano-thin, sword blades that can be heated up to white-glowing temperatures. Most are about 50 centimeters in length when fully extended, and they are surprisingly durable.
Cutting through steel is no difficult task for them. However, they need to be cooled down before they can be retracted, as they will otherwise risk damaging the Prometheites arms: luckily, it only takes a few seconds at most.  
— Races of Mésvéstell Omikra.

Esoteric Projectile Cannons

Built into either their left or right arm, is an Esoteric Projectile Cannon that fires heated, concentrated slugs of Esoteric Energy capable of disintegrating humans and penetrate two-meter thick steel-walls.
Beyond that, they also have a less devastating variant of the cannon built into their hands that are capable of firing off concentrated beams of Esoteric Ether that can melt through two-meter thick steel-walls as well, though it will take a few minutes longer. It should be noted that these cannons take a great deal of energy to fire and most do not use them unless there really is no alternative.  
— Races of Mésvéstell Omikra.

Esoteric Energy Shield

Prometheites are capable of forming a strong Esoteric Energy Shield around themselves, one that will either absorb or deflect melee attacks and projectiles.
Beyond having a defensive capability it can also be used offensively; sacrificing the shield lets it take the form of a Close Proximity Shockwave that can at best incinerate enemies, or at least throw them back.  
— Races of Mésvéstell Omikra.
Alternate Universe.
Prometheites do not exist within Mésvéstell Prime but in an Alteration of Mésvéstell called Mésvéstell Omikra - Or Mésvéstell 1289-High 0121-Low if you want to be more academical.
Also known as
Amertia Automaton.
The Souless.
Forge of Genisis
If they are no destroyed in combat or in an accident, then they can live for several thousand years, thanks to their inner Mana Energy Core.
Average Height
180 centimeters.
Average Weight
110 kilograms.

Raw Vesen Hunters

If there is one thing a Prometheite will do in its own accord, it is hunting down and killing Raw Vesen with impunity. One could logically come to the conclusion that they were built for just that purpose, during the War of Despair.
Those who have seen them in action tell tales of their ferocity and excellence. It is both beautiful and terrifying.


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