Olowan Anpao

The zoologist.


Olowan is a member of the Anvilites' Guild and a frequent visitor of the World Ends Inn. A entertainer and a zoologist, he spends most of his time studiying animals and beasts found both within the Concordian Valley and Old Reminiscence.  
— Inhabitants of Concord.


Around twenty-six years ago, the Battlebred known as Olowan Anpao found himself deep within a thick, boreal forest located in Old Reminiscence.
He spent the next fifteen years living within and around that forest, never seeing evidence of others except for their tracks and smoldering campfires. Until that faithful day when he stumbled upon a bewildered Thei Pronathea. That was about eleven years ago prior to current events.  
— Inhabitants of Concord.



Due to Olowan being dressed in clothes made from thick furs he fashioned from beasts he was forced to kill during his long time in the wilderness, many believe him to be a successful huntsman when they first meet him. Beyond the fur jackets, coats and trousers, he also wears a simple shawl, made from the thick fur of a Grotto Bear, over a worn-down, broad-brimmed leather hat.
From time to time, he will dress in more ordinary clothing, like a dark vest and a blue wool jacket, but one will never see him without that special fur shawl.  
— Inhabitants of Concord.


Olowan is a broad-shouldered, two meters tall Battlebred with well-defined muscles and skin that is of a deep jade shade and marked with several scars. His right tusk is broken off, a sign of battle he wears with an ample amount of pride.  
— Inhabitants of Concord.


Beast tamer and zoologist

Quite a few Anvilites have noted that Olowan very much is a living, breathing bestiary. Tirelessly, he studies the various animals, beasts, and monsters that he comes across, and on some occasions, he even manages to befriend them to some extent.
The snow leopard that can usually be seen curled at his feet is a good example of this, though there are those who wonder if his skill with animals has a more magical origin. He himself denies such notions though, as he feels it would be cheating.  
— Inhabitants of Concord.


Olowan is impressively proficient with his five-stringed viola, which he utilizes when playing music. He has a special fondness for lullabies and calmer melodies. He usually takes the stage at the World Ends Inn during the late hours.
Beyond that, he also tends a miniature garden he has grown in his quarters in the Basement of the World Ends Inn, which is also where he cares for injured animals that he finds from time to time in the basement or on his travels in Old Reminiscence.
Olowan spends a portion of his free time alone and patrols the basement for days at a time before coming back, filled with new energy. During these times, Igmu is always incredibly anxious for his return and might cause a minor snowstorm in the basement.  
— Inhabitants of Concord.


If there is one secret Olowan keeps close to his heart, it is that he in later years has begun to hear voices, barely understandable whispers, in his head. Especially prominent when he is about to sleep or when it is eerily quiet around him.
Where they come from, he has no idea and has no wishes about finding out either.  
— Inhabitants of Concord.
Origin Miand'Més Alteration.
Profession Beast Tamer | Scholar | Zoologist | Entertainer.
Age 43 years.
Age of membership 11 years.
Age of citizenship 11 years.
Dislikeable locations The Sewers of Concord
Current Location
World Ends Inn
Biological Sex
Dark and thick.
Skin Tone
Jade green.
198 centimeters.


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