Igmu Wasni


Igmu Wasni is a Grantin Leopard who crossed paths with Olowan Anpao during his decades in Old Reminiscence.
They began as adversaries and as such marked each other with scars; in time, though, they began accepting each other and eventually played into each other's strengths. The final nail in the coffin that sealed their companionship, was a battle with a Grotto Bear that nearly killed them both.  
— Inhabitants of Concord.


Igmu is, like most of her kind, eerily creative and lazy as she is fierce. It is a well-known fact that she sometimes steals the best meats from the kitchen and hides them in hard-to-get places. She manages to get away with it, most of the time.  
— Inhabitants of Concord.
Current Location
World Ends Inn
Grantin Leopard
32 years old.
Biological Sex
Bright, stormy grey eyes.
Skin Tone
Silver-white fur.
78 centimeters.

Magical Effect

Igmu showcases a strong affinity for winter magic and is usually covered in glistering snowflakes. When she is angered or agitated, she may create icicles on the ground that goes on a path towards her target. She might also use her magic to keep herself cool during hot days.  
— Inhabitants of Concord.


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