"My mommy says we're going to be hunting ghosts tomorrow! I hope she doesn't mean the ghosts of dead people, cause Auntie says we're supposed to leave those kinds of ghosties alone. I don't know what other kind of ghosties there are?"
— quote taken from a pre-school child by their daycare worker the day before The Ghost Hunt

Ghosts are small paper-mâché objects. Sometimes they shaped vaguely like a person with a head, two arms, two legs and a body; other times they are shaped like an upside down tulip. The inside cavity of them is filled with small candies or other snacks or inedible treats. After the hunt is over they are cracked open and their contents revealed.

Manufacturing process

Because ghosts are paper-mâché it's often considered in the best interests of all that they be made by hand. Though there are ways to mass produce them in a factory, many people consider doing so to be against the principles of the festival. In some places creating the ghosts for the festival is considered an essential school activity and they are often made during children's arts and crafts classes or as part of volunteer activities with certain groups such as the Pupscouts or the Night Watchers. Creation of the ghosts is handled all year long so in order to be sure that there will be enough ghosts available during the hunt that every participant will find at least one. This is why there are so many of them needed in towns and cities with larger populations.

The Witches of Migres have found a way to use their magic to have animated dolls make ghosts all around the clock, because the dolls mimic the motions of a Witch in order to learn how to make the ghosts they are still considered handmade instead of mass-produced.


Ghosts are used during the Ghost Hunt festival, they are the main attraction of the festival and in some places (such as Mewsberg) the number of them hidden during the festival preparations can often reach upwards of 25-50 thousand.

Item type
Religious / Ritualistic

Ghosts are quite common, especially during The Ghost Hunt and the haunting season.

approx half a kilogram
about the size of a baseball, usually
Base Price
50 cents, though homemade are preferred, and generally free
Raw materials & Components

Paper, glue, and a mould of some kind.


In order to make the ghosts, a mould to shape them and a brush to apply the glue is really all that's needed tool wise, it's recommended but not required that you have a drop cloth or paper or plastic sheet on your work area to catch any glue droppings and reduce mess.


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