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Fri, Jan 28th 2022 07:35   Edited on Fri, Jan 28th 2022 09:16

Formal inquiry on the Genesis Bloom

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Hello. I am working on an article on a particular flora we discovered in Azeroth, but there seems to be next to no information that exists in the files I have been granted access to by you guys. Any chance you can give me more info on the flora in question so I can work on the article?
What is the name of the flora in question?
The Scanners have told me its called a "Genesis Bloom".
silence can be heard on the other end for a few moments

Fri, Jan 28th 2022 08:11   Edited on Fri, Jan 28th 2022 09:16
Sorry for the silence, SAGE. You're asking for data on the "Genesis Bloom" right?
That is correct. I'm currently working on an article on it since we discovered one that has bloomed on a small hill that's overlooking the barrens of Kalimdor in 2058-A
Wait..... you're saying the Ancient Flower not only sprouted in Kalimdor but also bloomed? That should be impossible.
The Ancient Flower? How old even is that particular piece of flora?
Ever heard of the Garden of Eden myth?
The Garden of Eden, one of the creation myths that popped up on most Earth Replicas. According to the myth, the first man and woman, Adam and Eve were born within the Garden, where they were given jurisdiction over the life on the planet. But a serpent tempted the first woman to eat from the fruit of knowledge of good and evil, one of two trees they were forbidden to partake the fruit of. This became known as the "Original Sin" within the mythos and resulted in humanity's fall from paradise, forever banished from the Garden of Eden.
Correct, though what the mythos never brings up is what became of the Garden, since humanity never was able to rediscover its location. The original sin also had more good effects than bad ones. Granted most if not all of that myth is entirely symbolic in nature and never should be taken literally at face value.
Right. But how does that relate to my query?
Glad you asked. It's because the only records we have on the flower is a legend on it. The Legend states the flower originated in the Garden, and after the fall the flower slowly vanished off the face of creation. There are ways to recreate it with the aspects, but every attempt we have done to do so just results in the flower wilting on the spot.
Wait, slow down. the flower originates from the Actual Garden of Eden?!
According to our records yes, it does. But that's not the part that surprises us. there is another part of the legend. It's said when 9 flowers from the Garden before Time bloom, the Garden will be restored to its former glory, and the ancient forces that created all will reveal themselves once more. How many of these flowers have been detected?
Only one so far, at least as far as I have been able to detect.
Interesting.... Keep an eye out for more. Most of the Collective had dismissed this legend as merely that. But it seems there may be more to this than we initially thought. Regardless, do you have the data you need to complete the article now?
I believe so yes. If I have any more questions, I will contact you through this endpoint.
We will close out the connection then. If you need any more help regarding completing your mission, you know how to reach out to us.
Thank you for contacting The Collective, We hope we were able to help answer any questions you had. If you have any more questions, feel free to open another inquiry and a representative will get back to you promptly.
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