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The Nine Demon Realms

Written by LegendaryFawfulWaffle

"Hey... Yeah, you... Yeah, I'm talking to you... Come 'ere, I wanna explain to you about one of the Subrealms of T'Drassiel, you curious now, right? Yeah, I know you are, what's the place now, you say? Well, I'd like to call this one... The Nine Demon Realms.   Name's kinda catchy, is it? Well, you better keep it that way, because what the places are, are more than they really seem, and if you've got the guts to even go there, then listen close, because whatever bowels of hell you're going into, won't be for the faint of heart."  


  The main realm of Demons, the hub for all of demonkinds to exist, it's a vast realm filled with countless horrors alike, ruled by brutal and powerful Demonlords, if I were you, you'd avoid this place, les you want your head floating in one of their human pots...  


  A realm, unlike Outland, is a realm filled with demon-like creatures, monsters so to say, as well as humans that had somehow ended up here with no reason; whilst this place is less dangerous than Outland, it is a realm that is ruled by a cruel Khan, will you serve him to fight as one of his Kombatants or will you fight against his rule? Well, either way, once you go here, you're in for one hell of an adventure of a lifetime, and it's one you'll lose your head for, both figuratively and literally... Just don't take a dip in the sea of blood... There's no bottom...  

The Netherealm

  Whilst they say Hell is just something fictional... The Netherealm is a depiction of what hell really is... A realm for the damned... Home for those lost to the darkness... Be warned, if you find your soul ending up here, there's definitely no going back... Unless, of course, you win the Black Sorcerer's favor.  

The Nethergate

  Truth be told, no one knows what the hell this place is exactly... It's just a giant dimensional gateway in the middle of a floating rock in the middle of a void... People say it's the gateway that leads to all the parts of the Demon Realms... Some say it's also a way to a much more primordial and more dangerous version of the Demon realms... But what exactly could be more terrifying than what we already have? Guess if you wanna find out, by all means, go ahead... Just don't crawl back to us if you lost a limb or two...  

The Night-o-Sphere

  While... Not exactly a qualified "Demon Realm," it's still regarded as one because of the fact it is the home to one of the more known demons out there in existence... Hunson Abadeer... While the monster doesn't exactly leave his domain unless summoned, his place is still dangerous, and I, for one, would rather you not go there unless you want Hunson himself to claim your soul...  


  Nothing really is quite known about Hellscapes... Just that it's a seemingly looking infinite expanse of burning fields as far as the eye could see, though you will from time-to-time see villages throughout the expanse... Some are thriving... Some are... Eh... Thriving... Questionably...Just beware, though... You try to go there, bring water... Lots and lots... Of Water... Because if Dehydration doesn't get you... Well... You'd probably guess why some of the villagers you see there are thriving questionably... Just ask the people that went past their village... In the afterlife, that is...  


  Whilst considered a Demon realm, it is, in fact, actually a thriving and healthy world of orcs, and it's not exactly as dangerous as the other Demon realms... Just don't try to enrage the orcs; they exactly aren't ones to take kindly to hostilities...  

The Twisting Nether

  Oh boy... Where to begin about this place exactly...? Well, first off, the Twisting Nether isn't always the same thing as everyone sees... It is perceived in a thousand ways, allowing all of us to see it differently based on our state of mind, form, and circumstance... But regardless, it is home to the vampiric demons that are called the "Nathrezim," be wary if you go there... Just don't let them lull you to sleep.  


  Ah yes, Shattharath, or some would call as Shattrath, the city under the shattered sun, is not actually a bad place, and is home to the sentient energy beings called the Naaru, which are all actually quite friendly; it probably wouldn't count as a Demon realm if not for the sheer level of heat outside the city itself, wanna know why that's a thing? Well, what happens if your world is between two suns? Wouldn't that suck knowing you won't see night anytime soon, and you'll just be constantly dehydrated? That sums up Shattharath entirely, nice place, nice people, bad environment; if you're going to go there, at least bring something to fight off the heat on your way to Shattharath.     "Well, there you have it, all 9 realms that make up the 9 Demon Realms, wait, where are you going? What are you doing with that sword? You're not seriously going there right now, are you? Well, I can't stop you, that's for sure, but a warning, once you do this journey, your life is your own to protect..."

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