Mysteries are as abundant in Menodora as flowers in a spring meadow. Most people don't bother themselves with these stories, but sometimes they have no choice in the matter or maybe they even seek them out, but those are but a few brave souls.

This world has both empires as city states as wandering nomads. A collection of diverse cultures, languages and customs. Each of these peoples have their hidden secrets and treasures, their feasts and celebrations, heroes and villains. And each one of them are willing to only show you tiny pieces of the puzzle. It's up to you to piece them together to find answers to your questions.

Let us take the journey towards this ancient world with its forgotten stories and living legends. From beggars in dark street corners to kings and emperors on golden thrones. Through the dense forests and high mountains to extensive deserts with its starry nights.
Menodora has much to offer to those who are willing to seek it out.
Let me be your guide.

Welcome to Menodora

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"Ah, Menodora.

Where should I start to describe this world I'm living in? I have traveled far and wide and the places which I have not personally laid eyes upon, a colleague or friend has graced me with their stories of them. But there lies the problem. This world is so vast and full of wonders that you could easily get lost if you don't know which road to take.

As an elf, I was expected to use all I've seen and heard for hurting others, but that is not my wish. Yet even with my age, which is seen as older for humans, I am quite young still and am called foolish for my hunger to learn more about cultures beyond my knowledge.

But I cannot deny the joy I feel upon seeing faces from all corners of the known world whenever I step into the college halls. The pale faces of the Leuda people with their yellow or fiery red hair. Loud laughter coming from the dwarves, a proud people living in the deserts of Barez. I smile at my kin, the elves of Jinso and stay wary around those of Shie and Joten. There are many others I could talk of, such as the enigmatic wanderers in the Western Mountains or the hidden people in the southern plains that stretch so far it's probably the edge of the world.

In the coming years I might not be able to leave the College much, but it is my hope that I might go further than I've gone so far and that I might learn even more about the long history of the lands I travel."

  • Valens Tycchon

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Author's Note

This is only an introduction. For more detailed information see the specific pages for each region and its peoples.

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