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The Aegis Alliance

"Be grateful that we accept you into our ranks, Sable. I'd toss you into the seas or to the mounts of Daruta for the Nameas to devour you into ashes."  
- Empress Kaela Ryzu, to King Damien Sable
  There wasn't any intention in establishing an alliance with other kingdoms, especially after the scourge of the Strigea Monarchs towards the Council of Guardians. The Council became wary of their presence, despite their attempts to ask for forgiveness. The guardians cut ties with the Monarchs and focused on restoring their council to its former glories.   It was only when the Delegation of Qadena, followed by the Tribal Lyasakku, and Council of Floreale approached them in forming an alliance. This sudden interest is after the Monarchs being kicked out by the guardians, and they openly expressed their disdain towards them.   Initially, the alliance was named Four Corners as there were only four including the guardians. Soon, the Monarchs returned with a proposal of acquiring aid from the Andilon Family and the Board of Bloodfangs. The guardians were hesitant but accepted it nonetheless with the condition of life termination if there is foul play.  

Public Agenda

When the Strigean Monarchs first allied with the guardians, it was out of having a powerful ally among their ranks. Since the guardians are able to connect with nature and Yggdrassil, the Monarchs aimed to exploit their magic and become the ruler of Memoria. They failed this, and bide their time to forge alliance once more.   When Aegis was formed, the Alliance was meant to keep each kingdom safe from the threats of the Ashseeker ever since its first emergence right after the Five Decade Darkness Calamity. The guardians were more than capable to stop them, and knows a method to defeat them. Only the Monarch was the one that still insist on reaching the power of Yggdrassil within the Guardians' council.


The Monarchs was the main financial support for the guardians, and in return, they were given insights on how to govern their kingdom and enemy strategies. After their assault, the guardians relied on their savings entirely. When Lyasakku, Floreale and Qadena joined, they managed to secure a trading route for raw materials and medicine.   In Era 3, the Monarchs rejoined along with two of their allies. Despite their hostility with one another and guardians' disdain towards Strigea, King Damien the Fifth provided armies and continuous financial support for the guardians as well as other members of the alliance. The Andilon and Qadani teaches martial arts and Guerrilla Tactics to the troops.   Meanwhile, the guardians provide insights to the members, be it for future consequences or possible methods on doing something. They also become advisors for their members, although the Andilon Family does not favor this.


Before Aegis, there was only the Council of Guardians and the Strigea Monarchs. Both parties forged a strong alliance, with the former promised protection and financial support in any way possible while the latter assists them in finding stray guardians. This was back in Era 1, where other kingdoms and civilizations have yet risen to power.   However, in Era 2 Year 53, after the Five Decade Darkness calamity, the Strigea Monarchs blamed the guardians for their incompetency and for initiating the calamity. The monarchs sent their elite soldiers to eliminate them, but when the Empress of the time; Kaela Ryzu, not only dispatched them but also shown the truth, the Monarchs begged for forgiveness. The damage had been done and the guardians cut any ties to the monarchs. Their alliance officially ended on Bludwick of Galantor Year 63 Era 2 (1.10.63 ANC).   In Year 75 of the same Era, the Delegations of Qadena approached the guardians and proposed an alliance with them. The Council was extremely wary after the backstabbing of the monarchs, declined at first, but the Delegations insisted, though they were careful with their request. As both parties conducted meetings with one another, they found a shared interest in religion and their alliance began on 25th of Niv'e, Year 78 Era 2 (25.3.78 ANC).   In the coming years, the Tribal Lyasakku and the Council of Floreale approached the Council with the same intention but this time, they were welcomed with open arms. The alliance was known as the Four Corners, and after several meetings, the guardians realized these organizations have strong disdain towards the Monarchs as each of them was constantly scrutinized by them. They lack faith (Qadena), extremely racist towards orcs (Lyasakku), and destructive towards nature (Floreale).   Beginning of Era 3 in Year 12, Strigea Monarchs returned with the same request but offered to acquire help from the Board of Bloodfangs and the Andilon Family. This is due to the guardians' find the Bloodfang's method in organizing distasteful and avoids them while the Andilons were frank with their hatred towards the guardians and refused to help no matter what.   This was brought up in the next meeting among the Four Corners, while each of them expressed their hatred towards the Monarchs, they are unable to refuse the extra help since they don't have any problems with the Bloodfangs. The Monarchs were pardoned and they, along with their allies, joined the alliance. Four Corners were then changed to Aegis, and the organizations had a stable relationship with each other.   ...or so they thought.   You see, the Andilons are not fond of the guardians, regardless of what reasons or help they give to please the Skurja. Neither the Florelan nor the Qadani are equally pleased towards the family as they are destructive and worships the God of Death. The Lyasakku only knows about the Andilon when they first joined their meetings so they could not provide any opinion for each other. But that wasn't the worse one.   The three organizations; Floreale, Lyasakku, and Qadena, began to openly express their hatred towards the Monarchs especially on how suspicious they have become after they joined the Alliance. This matter went out of control when the Tribe Leader assaulted the Monarchs after a racist comment was made towards the Orcs, and the Andilon almost killed the Council Leader of Floreale due to the carelessness of their stinger. This also caused a rift between the Andilons and the Bloodfangs since the latter has a good relationship with the Florelans.


Tensions were high in the council. The Monarchs were assaulted, the Wilderking was injured and the Guardians soon found out Damien, and Andera Andilon has been stealing sacred texts from the archives to be used to raise an army of magic users. They faced trials; Damien and Andera were erased from existence and any Sable or Andilon are no longer accepted into the alliance.   It would've been fine if the punishment wasn't so harsh. They were only stealing, they didn't do harm, but this only incite fear in other members. When the news got out, Strigea and the Andilon went to assault the guardians. The army that was provided by the king, betrayed them and the Skurjas poisoned every guardian they could get their stinger on, torturing them with their poison until death.   The Queen of Qadena and Wilderking retreated, but the Chieftain stayed until his last breath to protect his allies. Only a small number of guardians escaped, and the council falls on 13th of Treded, Year 130 Era 5 (13.5.130 TDM). The guardians, though scattered, could not be found.


Transcend Humanity

13th of Ta'qura, Year 72 Era 1 (13.2.72 MNC) - 13th of Treded, Year 130 Era 5 (13.5.130 TDM)

Political, Alliance
Alternative Names
Alyssa Noire
Leader Title
Parent Organization
Council of Guardians
Eye of the World
Related Ethnicities
Former Member(s) of Aegis
Council of Guardians

Council of Guardians.png

The progenitor of the alliance
Delegation of Qadena

Delegation of Qadena.png

Head of Religion & Culture
Council of Floreale

Council of Floreale.png

Head of Environment & Human Rights
Tribal Lyasakku

Tribal Lyasakku.png

Provider of Raw Materials
Board of Bloodfangs


Business Advisor
Strigea Monarchs

Strigean Monarchs.png

Head of Military & Finance
Andilon Family

Andilon Family.png

Masters of Martial Arts


Council of Guardians were the ones that establish this alliance after garnering interests from other kingdoms and leaders.


They share the same beliefs in religious aspect as the Guardians believed in Yggdrassil and Lunaya's existence while the Qadani worships the goddess.


The Guardians tries their best to preserve the life on Floreale after the calamity however, Florelans are extremely wary of outsiders but welcomes anyone that is willing to help.


While Lyasakku is an established civilization with rather advanced technology, they still embrace the primitive life of their ancestors. However, the Guardians are fascinated by their devotion to the God of Sun; Suria and welcomed them with open arms. The Tribe Chief, though wary, appreciates their respect to their religion.


The alliance has nothing against the Bloodfangs but finds their treatment towards their people rather distasteful. Meanwhile, the Board is desperate to garner attention from the Council.

Non-aggression pact

The Monarchs once attacked the Council after the Five Decade Darkness Calamity ended, causing a rift between the two organizations.


Andilon Family are against magic and thus, against the Guardians. They claimed the guardians are false prophet and lives to steal the essence of the Nameas and threaten the ancient creature, Sakaratul, at Mount Daruta. The Guardians view the Andilons as barbaric and racist.

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  • Year 6 Era 1 (MNC)

    The Beginning of an Alliance

    The Council of Guardians and Strigea Monarchs formed an alliance.

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  • Year 53 Era 2 (ANC)

    Assault on the Council of Guardians
    Disaster / Destruction

    Strigea Monarchs launched an attack onto the guardians, blaming them for a calamity they could not have predicted.

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  • 1st of Galantor Year 63 Era 2 (1.10.63 ANC)

    Casting out the Monarchs

    Council of Guardians ends their alliance with the Strigea Monarchs due to their baseless assault.

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  • 25th of Niv'e, Year 78 Era 2 (25.3.78 ANC)

    Alliance with Qadena
    Diplomatic action

    Delegation of Qadena approached the guardians with an intent of alliance. They were soon accepted due to their shared interest.

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  • Year 84 Era 2

    Lyasakku and Floreale Enters
    Diplomatic action

    Chieftain Kur Karak and Wilderking Ashshade approached with the intents of an alliance.

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  • Year 12 Era 3 (GRT)

    Pardoning of the Monarchs
    Gathering / Conference

    The Four organizations conferred and the council decided to pardon the monarchs along with accepting two additional allies.

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  • Year 112 Era 3

    Assault on the Monarch and Wilderking
    Disaster / Destruction

    Chieftain Borkul assaulted King Damien the Fifth after a racist remark towards the Orcs. Wilderking Ashneedle was poisoned by Andera Andilon and Lad Bloodfangs stepped in.

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  • Year 115 Era 3

    Criminal Activity

    King Damien the Fifth and Andera Andilon was found guilty of stealing the sacred texts of the guardians for their selfish gain.

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  • Year 115 Era 3

    Cease of Existence
    Life, Death

    King Damien the Fifth and Andera Andilon were erased from existence.

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  • Year 16 Era 4

    Aegis Crumbling
    Life, Relationship change

    Each members of Aegis were wary of each other and especially towards the guardians. A huge rift formed among them but quietly heeds the Empress' orders to avoid being erased.

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  • Year 103 Era 5

    Secrets Leaked and Skirmish
    Disaster / Destruction

    King Damien and Andera's death was found out. Strigea and Andilon launched full blown assault to the guardians.

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  • 13th of Treded, Year 130 Era 5 (13.5.130 TDM)

    The Fall of Aegis
    Disaster / Destruction

    Aegis Alliance disbanded due to the fall of the guardians. Allies flee from the skirmish, although the Chieftain stayed to fight.

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