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"I am trapped in this place for centuries. Bounded to this tree, bounded to this ground. Bounded to this room that is fit for the insane. My life is drained, and yet sustained. I am dead, but also alive. It's like a vicious cruel cycle that wants me to stay, but also leave at the same time. I scream, I cry, I beg. No one would answer. Not the divines, not Yggdrassil, not the Ashen Ones. Just me, and this useless tree."
  Though the Ashen Ones can be categorized as Otherbeing, they are more conscious of their condition and mind compared to the Ashen Ones. Otherbeings are those that suffers from unwanted immortality, forced to live and die on Memoria, forgotten and remembered, bounded and released at the same time. They are commonly consisted of Memors that are chosen by Yggdrassil itself to sustain the tree with their own life and magic to prevent the Dark Calamity.    One out of ten Memors will be chosen to sustain Yggdrassil, though the percentage could be much more higher as Memors are also created from the tree itself. Memors will suffer from visions of calamity and death, to the point of madness until one of them heed the call of the tree. If a Memor offered herself, the others that suffers the same will only continue to suffer until they have gone mad or die.  

The Tragedy of the Messiah

"Do you honestly believe all the fairy tales about The Chosen One? The ones that often romanticized the act of sacrificing yourself for others, for the world? Do you really want me to die for the people that already wants me dead? It's horrible enough that I am born from a rape, kidnapped, tortured, assaulted, and insulted by the world, and the only way for me to be able to die is for others?"   "Tell me, what have they done for me? What good did they ever gave me? Life? I didn't ask to be born, let alone being a result of a rape! I didn't ask to be tortured, and assaulted by assassins! I didn't ask to be insulted when all I wanted to do is help! Is it wrong for me to help them, Elenne?! If you answer no, then why did they call me names and threw stones at me?! Why did they tell me to die?!"   "I would've done it! I would love to die! But not for them! Not for anyone! I'm tired living like this! And they have the audacity, the audacity, to beg me to save them... Hah! To what I owe them their lives?! Their insults?! Their torture?! They thought I'd forget what they have done to me?! What a jest! Yes, that's what they are good in! Jokes and wastes of space!"   "Chosen One?! I have no reason to save them! To hell with them! They've hurt me and only apologized when their lives are at stakes! The demons can eat them for all I care! They will be forgotten. Isn't that what they told me? If I die, no one will remember me? Then they should die, so I don't have to remember them! To hell with the divines as well! They only watch when I was hurt, and didn't bother sending someone to save me! Merciful beings?! Then they wouldn't let me suffer through those ordeals!"


  • Retains consciousness and sanity to some degree
  • Immortal, otherwise they reincarnate into mortals
  • Commonly for Memors that accepts the Oath of Yggdrassil 
  • Suffers from hallucinations and pressured to self-sacrifice
  • Ashseekers can be considered Otherbeing

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