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Finally, a great injustice has been set right, and all ads can be viewed in their full glory! Why's no one celebrating?  
— Huckster Pillock, Ads Are People Too Campaign Manager
  "Adblockers" were a horrible plague upon humanity or a blessed relief from constant bombardment of advertisement, depending on which side you were on. Invented to block any and all ads from showing on whatever internet site users decided to visit, the corporations had long been furious about the blocker's ability to, well, block. Millions were spent to craft carefully focus-tested salespitches, only for users to ignore them. While small creators suffered as ad-revenues continually diminished under civilization's long crawl towards what looked like inevitable doom, the Corporations were the ones making the ads and a sense of resentment started to fester in their cold, dead hearts.   Things heated up even more with the advent of VR and AR technology, allowing corporations a whole new reality in which to try to sell people their crap. It became an arms race, with Corporations trying to circumvent adblockers, and adblockers building ever more elaborate scripts to work around that.   Fortunately for them, the doom of the old world took a few other things with it.    

The End of Adblockers

  When the nation-states fell and Megacorpolis was founded, some marketing directors finally saw their chance. The use of adblockers were made illegal in all sectors of Megacorpolis, and it is rumored that especially prominent developers of such technology were made to disappear. But that's libel and anyone who says that can expect a good lawsuit, so it's probably not true.  
A fair share of users were sued for past use of adblockers, too. There was no real reason for that other than revenge, really.

Black Market Blockers

While Adblockers have all but faded from the mainstream, rumors persist that with the right contacts among the right people, such software can be still be found. Just don't let the Corps catch you, or you're gonna have a bad day.


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29 Jul, 2020 18:14

Now I'm picturing black market, back alley deals for Ad Blocker software! Not to mention anonymous browser technology!   As usual the quotes hooked me! And then I see details...   ... Huckster Pillock, Ads Are People Too Campaign Manager   and fortunately I had set my Java down before I started reading! :D

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Sage Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
3 Aug, 2020 09:15

Love the quotes! It definitely makes sense that the corporations would make adblockers illegal in the end. D:

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4 Aug, 2020 11:48

Thank you so much <3   yeah, they're not fan of those :P

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