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584 AI (2163av)

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The Year is 584. In the Western lands known as Tanindra, It has been nearly 600 years since Paranus was crowned as the Virandaeic Empire & his once proud empire has fallen into weakness and decay after the death of the last of his line 2 and a half centuries ago. The Empire's beauracracy has rotted from corruption and greed, it's provinces have either seceeded, been invaded or have become independent in all but name and the twin pillars of the Empire, the Crown and the Church have fallen from power and grace, the Emperors have been reduced to powerless puppets of the noblemen and the Church has been severely weakened by a bitter schism and many of it's Bishops simply ignore the higher authorities.   However, all hope is not lost, for some still shed a tear for the fallen and remember what has been lost. 9 years ago, Captain-General Tyberne Systos was crowned Emperor Magnus IV. Magnus wished to bring about the old glory days once more. Magnus was placed on the throne because he was assumed to be opposed to the reforms of his predecessor Lucius II. However, Magnus' privately expressed horror and disgust and the state of the Empire currently. Magnus brought Hespia, an Imperial vassal state for nearly 50 years back into the fold after well over a century of independent rule. After crushing a coup staged by nobles and burghers after Magnus tried to institute new land reforms, Magnus and legions put the remaining noblemen back to line and he now reigns in Parranium with absolute power.