Thomwall Organization in Maskus | World Anvil


This kingdom sits on the Scale Coast. On the edge of the Golden Plains. Ruled by a Knight King. Thomwall holds the largest army in the region with the Dragon Lancers  working as the backbone of their might.    Thomwall has three large cities The capital Wallden ,Hillgar, and Seagar.   The center of Thomwalls triad comes in through Seagar. The majority of that triad is tourism coming to enjoy the beaches near Seagar and the hiking on the Brass Hights. The breadbasket of the country comes from Wallden and their vast fields of grain.    Thomwall's diplomacy hangs between the might of their armies and the web of diplomatic alliances and marriages. This resulted in Thomwall's royal family becoming a claimant in the War of Yarish Succession and their embracement as the weakness of the Thomwall naive was made evident.


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