Author's Note and Chapter 1: "You shall obey me!"

  Author's Note   This is a fantastical story. A piece of fictional narrative taking the reader on a journey of discovery. A discovery of a world of wonders. These are the wanderings of fantasy. Dreams of delight.   The following tells you the story as from the perspective of one of the fictional characters, a scribe simply known as "The Scribe", who narrates:       Chapter 1: "You shall obey me!"     He gazed at the sun shining in the sky. It was noon. It was probably a bad idea. He stared a second too long it seemed. As just as soon as he looked away from the brightness, they grabbed his arms from either side of him, without him even seeing them. He had been distracted and then dazzled by the light. As well as dazed. Well, now he had to face the darkness.   The guards, otherwise known as, the minions of the evil master, pulled at his arms, as they marched forward, forcing him along with them.   Doomed? It sure seemed like he was.   "Where are you taking me?" he gasped.   The guards laughed.   "Isn't it obvious?", said the guard to his right.   "Shhh... It's a surprise!", said the one on the left. "It's your birthday and it's gonna be a big par-tay!"   "If you don't let me go, immediately, there will be consequences!", said the young lad that was being escorted by the minions of the evil master.   "Are you threatening us?" said the guard on the right. "Did you hear that Gobo? The boy is threatening us".   The guard on the left, who was called Gobo, responded, "Yeah, Adro, I heard him. His threat is as fierce as the meow of a mouse!".   Adro responded, "You're such a fool, Gobo".   They both laughed, while the young lad had a downtrodden look on his face.   They continued further until they came to the entrance of a little building, resembling a somewhat small castle.   There were another two guards outside the gate.   "Hey, men! Got another one to bring inside", said Gobo, addressing the guards at the gate.   "Yes", said Adro, "He'll need to be brought straight to the Master".   "The host of the par-tay!" said Gobo.   The guards of the gate nodded and allowed Adro and Gobo to enter taking in the young captive with them.   The young lad was brought forward toward a spot between where a man and a woman were standing. Then the guards stepped backward leaving the three people there.   The young lad noticed that there was a large throne in front of them some paces away. However, the area was quite dark where the throne was located apart from some light reflecting off the golden throne.   Suddenly, another light shone from where the throne was. It was a sceptre that had suddenly lit up. The glowing sceptre moved slightly and as it did so, it revealed the face, if you could call it that, of the master of evil.   The young lad shuddered slightly. The master of evil was definitely creepy, he thought. The young lad was not sure if it was some kind of mask, or if the master of evil really did just have a hooded skull with no skin or pupils. There was a great darkness where the eyes would normally be. Perhaps, his appearance was kind of stereotypical for a villain, thought the young lad.   The lad glanced to the left. The man to his left was elderly but still seemed somewhat in good shape. As though, he had led a good lifestyle health-wise. The old man was looking straight ahead toward the master of evil.   Then, the lad quickly glanced to his right. She was a young woman, wearing an orange-red outfit. Her glance met his. Then she looked away again.   The evil master began to say, "I am the Master! I rule this realm. You three have been brought before me. I, as you know, am conscripting for my armies. You three will also be among those who serve me. You shall be reborn as my warriors. Tell me, old man, what is your name?"   The master of evil, spoke again, but louder and more vexed, "Answer me!".   The old man replied, "My name is Hunshal of the Kyrubon Tribe".   Then the evil master said, "You, the female, tell me your name".   The young woman rolled her eyes, in annoyance, and replied, "My name is Kizarina of the Valasku High Chiefdom".   The young lad was checking his pockets when he realised that the item he was looking for was missing. 'Oh no!' he thought.   This time, the master of evil, said, "And you, in the middle, whatever you are, what is your name?".   The young lad gulped. It felt like darkness was truly going to consume him, he thought to himself.   "Don't you even know your own name?" exclaimed the evil master.   Just then, Kizarina grabbed the hand of the young lad, and said to him, "Tell him!", then winked.   Suddenly, the young lad felt like a warm glow had come about inside. He recognised the feeling of the item that Kizarina had stealthily placed in his hand. 'Oh yes!' he thought.   He said, "My name is Arukan. I'm just a wanderer". He remembered something else though, thus he glanced at Kizarina and whispered to her, "What about you two?"   Kizarina whispered back to him, "Don't worry. You have the item. We trust you'll be here again for us soon".   The evil master shouted, "Stop that! How dare you? Do you think you can defy me? You insult me by chit-chatting in my presence".   Arukan looked at Kizarina who smiled and nodded back at Arukan.   The master of evil exclaimed, "You shall obey me!"   Suddenly Arukan vanished. Leaving no trace.


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