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When the voiceless have a song to show.

This profession or chosen Sojourner are knowledgable singers; singing a Faeble to those willing to hear. Faebles are recognized by their clothing and the way they communicate, which is solely by song. It is rare for a Faeble to speak.   Very powerful Faebles are able to use spirit magic to show their audience what the song conveys.



A class or profession only available to Fae, hence the name. They always have a book on them called the Parables of the Fae and are numerous in volume.

Career Progression

Learning never ceases and progression is always available, so long as one is not content in laziness in growth.

Payment & Reimbursement

Yes and no. There are some Faebles that are strictly in it for the money or value of something. And there are genuine Faebles that do not set a price for anything, yet they are always recompensed in some way.

Other Benefits

Depends if what they do is fulfilling to them.



To know and understand what Parables of the Fae are, and why they sing them. This way they can create their own Parables and appropirately convey its meaning. Their purpose is to relay messages to those who are willing to hear them. Sometimes they have a warning and other times a blessing. They heal the sick and injured with their songs and empower those they are with against the Abominations.

Social Status

Mixed. Loved by those who heal them, but hated when they relay warnings through their songs. This is why they prefer to stay in the Faeding Vales, but their profession doesn't allow it. Therefore, it takes courage to make this choice.


They began as prophets in the Days of Eld and were men for the most part. However, since the Radiant King made His sacrifice and returned to His place, it is now women that are the majority of Faebles.



A simple book sometimes called Fables of the Fae, and other times, if they are well off enough, a book of their own writings. Though this is not necessary when they sing, if they know the words by heart. They carry with them an instrument to their liking.


Tea to soothe their vocals and because they travel a lot, they require rest. They make a tent out of spirit magic if they are not near a village, town or city, and cast an illusion around them, so they are not preyed upon.


The Songbirds are their house name. This is more of a place for teaching the younger Faebles before they set out.

Provided Services

  • Assistance for those who are Bounty Hunters, seeking a certain Abomination for money, or are traveling and in need of their Gift of Illusion.
  • Services for those in need of healing
  • When one is called to sing a message to a certain group or individual. Usually seen as ominous when it's not a good message...

Dangers & Hazards

  • Abominations
  • Those who heavily dislike them


Spirit Magic Class
Alternative Names
Songstress. This is more a derogatory name.
  • It is legal as long as the traveling party has Portal Pass going into different regions or countries.
  • For Bounties they need a Contract.
  • In some areas they are a banned type of profession and need to hide themselves.
Other Associated professions
Related Locations

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