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Convocation of Many

Historical Allegiance

By The Nine Kings of Mara a document was written and sealed by their chosen insignia. Printed underneath the red wax seal is this motto: To Peace and War as One. For this record to work they have agreed to cease all allegations against one another to ensure a combined effort to fight against the very thing that threatens humanity’s existence: Abominations.  

Great Flood

At the time this pledge was being formed, these deadly creatures flooded the entire world where there was almost no place to hide. In haste they signed the record in agreement that should this event ever arise again, they will all stand together as one people to survive the immediate and ongoing threat. Regardless of the agreement and more due to the current threat they faced, all people of Mara from ages 18 and over fought to win the war. They did, but at a great cost to the world’s population. The children, those who survived, out numbered the adults.  

Main Function of Alliance

All organizations act together according to the level of threat around them. Each country acts on their own respectively to keep the threat level down in their own lands. If a country is in need of help, people from another country can use the Gateways as a means of traveling swiftly to their aid; and keep the Abominations cleared as possible from ever reaching the point of certain doom again.   Every kingdom has in place some watch towers facing the Four Winds. Sentinels and Tower Guards are ranked according to their certain capabilities, not by bloodline. This is to ensure swift safety from oncoming threats and determined by its level. If suspicion arises of an Abomination threat, Sentinels will send out Scouts by air to confirm and to locate their current position. The alarm will sound for immediate action if their position is too close to the border of the towers. Messages are sent only when a threat is too great for their numbers and in need of aid, in which the Gateways will be open for use.  

Secondary Function

Maintain peace among nations to keep trades and currency flowing, having needs met to finance the Alliance’ needs.  

Other Threats

Even though the Convocation of Many is an alliance all standing for the same goal - survival - not all have the same mindset with each other. Naturally, there is friction among people. Not all the hearts of mankind are unified - having their own dark desires.  

Organizations & Members

Long Arms Enforcement   The department of enforcing the law on disobedient and chaotic citizens, and also a branch from the Kingdoms in power to ensure order in their own lands. This name is universally known, so foreigners understand who they are.   Treasures Financial Institute   Not only do they lock up protected currency for civilians, but also their most treasured - and often times valuable items or heirlooms. This is the most well protected and most rich bank - world wide - and is also a branch from the Kingdoms of Governance.   Insider   This organization is seen as rebellious to some as they get all kinds of valuable information not only around the world, but also locally and act as one body - even within the Alliance. However, they are voted in due to their swift knowledge about Abominations and their current position. Some say they are the Scouts from the watch towers, but there is no evidence for that claim.   Children of the Sword   A non profit family and organization of faith in the Bright One. Though they are called religious, they actually oppose religion from their own house. Having an appearance of ordinary citizens, they have armour that is made of pure Spirit and yet manifests physically for the right season. They are formidable against Abominations. Though they are seen as last in the Alliance, they are always found on the front lines on battlefield.   #AllianceChallenge @WorldAnvil
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