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Curse of Atrophy

There is something within me that I just can't claw away... and it's hungry. Gods, I am so hungry...
— Words of the Afflicted
  The curse of atrophy is a condition which may affect those exposed to a sudden emergence of the Leyline of Atrophy, particularly in regions where an emergence of the Leyline of Genesis is active.
Condition, Magical (Leylines)
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Lingering Death

Caused by the Leyline of Atrophy, this affliction ranges from temporary to permanent, disproportionately affecting those of leyborne blood.   In regions where the Leyline of Atrophy emerges, some may be caught in its energies more than others, and those who experience the full brunt of its emergence may have its energy linger on within them. This phenomenon on its own has differing effects, but is most likely to spawn this affliction if the circumstances fall within a region with an existing emergence of the Leyline of Genesis.

Thirst for Life

Those who suffer this affliction begin to feel its effects immediately — the lingering energy of the leyline disrupts the balance of life and death within the body, leaving it hungering for its balancing force.   Those who do not find sources of Genesis magic to consume experience loss of sensation in their limbs, and subsequent muscle atrophy at accelerated rates.

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Thinking there’s something inside you
Numbness and loss of control of one (or more) limbs
Rapid muscle atrophy

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